Specifics - LFG! Looking for 1 or 2 dedicated players for regular bi-weekly FREE games.  My average campaign length has been about 1 year, with several lasting two or more years, so my goal is to add to a long-lived regular gaming group. Here are the specific current game times:   Alternating Sunday Afternoons 2pm Eastern lasting through 5 or 5:30pm Eastern (room for 1 or 2 players); Next game is scheduled for March 28 . I do keep a calendar on our campaign forum to help add transparency as to which weeks will have games. Although the goal has been to shoot for 3-4 hour game times, realistically we've been getting in about two and a half hour games the last few weeks.  We are continuing to try to get at least 3 hour game sessions in. We are going on almost a year now of games with over 20 sessions already completed with this current group and over 100 total between the 4 groups ran out of this campaign, so I am only interested in those that think they will have this time slot open for many months to come . About me - I started playing D&D with second edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons when I was about 10 with my brother and friends.  Now I'm going on 40 and have rarely spent a year without a game to run on tabletop.  I got onto roll20, like many, because of the wild 19 covids that are apparently consuming the world outside. About my games in general - I know people are here to enjoy their time.  I know how it really sucks for a player to either not have a chance for survival, redemption, victory, or whatever, due to either the dice or the DM railroading the player into a specific situation.  My promise is that I strive not to wreck someone's day by being unfair in any way while still providing interesting and/or specific challenges.  I'm certainly not the cruel DM that enjoys toying with folks, and in fact I've been known to accidentally give too much loot at times. I will also note that there are all kinds of tasks given in these games in the form of a Quests folder, but there's also tons of combat heavy zones making this campaign feel like it's about 75% combat based.  I apologize if this is a turn-off, and if it is a turn-off, this might not be the game for you as initially early in the campaign this created a bit of a revolving door with new players. About the other games - When I started The Emerald Spire campaign I immediately had 8 close friends from other home-town games jump on.  Now I run 4 separate games of 5 to 7 players each for games on Saturdays and Sundays.  I run them in the same campaign so I can constantly build to multiple quest lines and adventure paths without having to bother with copying characters to different campaigns here and there every time they need content in a specific direction.  In short I'm just doing it all in one gigantic world to make certain aspects of adding content for multiple groups more simple.  It does, however, provide a very interesting dynamic to Dungeons & Dragons making it almost like the closest thing to an MMO outside of actual video games that I've experienced.  I'm looking forward to hosting crossovers and having a game where players are able to float between groups if schedules demand. About this Campaign - Ran as a sandbox type game where the players have control over where they go and what they do.  The campaign includes area from The Emerald Spire Superdungeon, Thornkeep Modules, The Iron Gods Adventure Path and many custom sites that are deep and can take many sessions to explore.  With over 100+ explorable pages and many more planned, I'm striving to make this campaign bigger more immersive than many popular MMO's.  Also, as noted above, there are tons of combat-heavy zones which are essentially home-brewed zones with pre-set wandering monsters designed to bridge gaps between different adventure modules and to offer plenty of opportunity for gaining XP between quests. About the Modules - There will be simple changes made on occasion to some of the modules to keep things interesting.  The number one thing noticed will probably be the location of Fort Inevitable, Thornkeep, Iadenveigh (Notably modules from the Iron Gods Adventure Path) & The Emerald Spire on the campaign map.  If you have experience with any of the modules or dungeons I would appreciate it if you would keep any secrets known to yourself and respect metagaming ethics. About Roll20 and my experience with the system - I may or may not have mentioned that I was new to Roll20, being forced onto here by the wild covid invasion.  I initially started with a simple dungeon delver with three groups of three players each, basically learning the systems with practice games.  All the while I was also building the campaign for which I am seeking players.  I'm still learning essentials, like how to make magic digital things happen with macros (I'm clueless aside for copying and pasting from google, which I screw up half the time).  I have managed to make my sessions enjoyable and the pace is clearly quicker than table-top, so I honestly don't think I'm terrible at things, but if there are any pros that may offer tips that are interested in becoming a dedicated player I'd be thrilled to count you as a new friend.  One example of my inexperience is that I still don't know how to work with dynamic lighting at all, although I plan on toying with it a bit at some point.  Another example is that I don't yet have any sounds tied to any of my maps or effects. About Pathfinder 1 and my experience with that system - I honestly didn't give Pathfinder 1 a thorough read until recently, and this is my first Pathfinder 1 game I've ever ran.  I've been a die-hard 3.5 fan since its inception and literally have all of the books sitting right behind me.  Pathfinder 1, as I'm sure you know, is mostly compatible, yet many things are tweaked, or fixed. Due to the fact that I'm much more experienced with 3.5, there may be times that I get rules mixed up, or if there's confusion with something I may default to a 3.5 ruling.  Although I'm becoming more and more versed in the differences with Pathfinder, players that are much more versed with Pathfinder 1 rules I find are a huge help here.  It's also for this reason, as well as the compatibility of Pathfinder 1 with all the 3.5 books, is why I chose this system specifically over Pathfinder 2 or 5e. This is not to mention the modules that I'm building from are also Pathfinder 1 modules, which is ultimately why I chose Pathfinder 1 over 3.5. About the Character Sheet Choice - It is a game that uses the 'Simple' Pathfinder 1 character sheets provided by Roll20, which has been criticized by Roll20 veterans in my other games.  We started with this one for the slew of new players that started their roll20 experiece with this campaign, and I enjoy it because it's really the one I can utilize to expedite content creation the best.  So please, leave your comments about the character sheet choice in the box for now. About Character Creation - Character in this campaign are built with High Heroic stats.  If you earn a spot as a dedicated player I will obviously go into much more detail about character creation.  I will note that I do enjoy using some 3.5 options, simply because there are tenfold more books for the system and therefore many more character options.  Many folks favor 3.5 because of the variety of options, yet folks fault it for being able to min/max certain builds to be rather broken.  Certainly the Pathfinder equivalent of any rule or ability will be used, yet failing that if there is a 3.5 spell, feat, or even class that you think could be used for the game I'd be glad at looking at converting it with possibly some homebrew options.  In short - I'm not limiting this one to Pathfinder 1 only books.  I like creative and unique builds, even if it does push the bounds of homebrew or playtesting while gaming. About the Cash - I used to have a bit of a joke here, but it kept getting my posts locked by moderators.  Apparently I don't exactly know anything about what can or can't be done with money here, or even joked about. This game is and has always been absolutely FREE . What you need to do - If you've read this far, you're probably interested. At least I hope you are interested if you've read this much.  I typically receive far more requests to join than I can accommodate, so please don't fault me if spaces fill rather quickly. I'll note that we do use Discord to communicate in game and between games, so being an active Discord user is essentially a necessity. Please just DM me if you are interested.