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At War with the Hollow World- BECMI

The Known world of Mystara is undergoing a shift. a path to war with the Realms encased in the Hollow World. Forces in the Hollow world have accelerated attacks from monsters and undead and other malignant beings to bring the peoples of the Known world to madness. Now they prepare for War. Can your Band of adventures help in defussing the situationbefore its to late. Looking for 6 players , using the RULES CYCLOPDEDIA-BECMI.starting at 1st level . weapon mastery and skills included. VIA Roll20 and DISCORD SESSION ZERO - April 16th Friday 7-11pm central time playing BI WEEKLY please message if interested in playing
Currently have 3 players seeking 3 more Also for Character creation im allowing use of the Gazeteers
currently have 4 players seeking 2 more
lost a player currently seeking 3 players
still seeking 3 players
seeking 2 players session zero coming soon
still seeking players
looking for 2-3 players
character creation coming up soon seeking 2-3 players
seeking 2-3 players
Char gen is this week seeking 2-3 players
Currently seeking 2 players. lost one had to kick another. PLEASE if you are a rules lawyer or know everything BECMI , this campaign isnt for you. Anyone normal who would enjoy a BECMI campaign  message and we will get you set up
Still Seeking 2 players. comment if you are interested and we will get your character and get you on DISCORD also
Seeking 2 players
Campaign starts THIS WEEK seeking players
need 2 players message me an we will get your characters put together
Campaign starts today Still seeking players