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5E OGL weight calculations in KG ?

hello, I know that weight can't be editted in the sheets, especially the coins weights, but for all the europeans players, how can we imagine a workaround solution ? May be adding a item which weight would substract half of the total weight ? but then the formula would circle calculating the values.. Add a script that would allow to divide the individuals weight by 2 for calculations ? I really hop that someone could find an easy solution to adapt this. It can be annoying to drag and drop objects from compendium and divide the weight by 2, and one out of 2 times, we can forget to do so... Thank you for your time reading and considering this.
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You can do this as a macro. Save this in your collections tab, and make it a Token Action, sable by all players. Whenever they have their token selected, sheet open or not, they can click it for a total: /w gm &{template:npcaction} {{rname=Weight Carried}} {{description=[[floor(@{selected|weighttotal}/2.2+.5)]]kg}} You can adjust the macro as you see fit.
Thank you Sir ! That actually is a great and easy macro. Would be wonderful if the french version of the sheet could actually be fully adapted to metric weight and distance system lol (Including the encumberance disadvantages and restrictions) Thank you again !