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Pathfinder 2E: Secret Rolls and Player Agency


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Tl;dr - Is there any way for the players to push a button that triggers a roll on the GM's side without the players seeing the roll? I love secret checks. They add a layer of drama to the game that is very nice. I don't  love my ADD forgetting to roll those checks periodically. I'd like to have a button on the player's side that can send me rolls as they declare their actions, but that doesn't show them the result. I've tried a few configurations of Mark Green's wonderfully robust Pathfinder 2 Utilities script, but the player side has always been able to see the roll. I also like my players feeling that they are in control of their destiny, even if they aren't, and having them  press the button goes a long way to that. Does anyone know of a solution to my issue? I would much appreciate one!
David M.
API Scripter
Check out the BlindRoll script here .