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Can't Access Character Vault

I don't know if this is related to the issue plaguing character sheets right now, I but I tried access the Character Vault and received the following error: It said the page didn't exist at this link:&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

Edited 1617122867
same here: &nbsp;&nbsp; An error was encountered Don't worry; it's not like you triggered the end of the world...right? I&nbsp; f you message us about the error, please give us the error ID below so we can look it up: &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; f28e0a33c98f4654a091673eca94a2a5

Edited 1617124154
Same here If you message us about the error, please give us the error ID below so we can look it up: e3e15ac306214d099e636087efa1dc1a Note: i checked after two of our GMs complained, so it's a widespread issue
Just wanted to state I can get back in there now.
Any update on this? I am also experiencing this error.
same&nbsp; b23f75a78b0746c2942036868be8c4c4
I've been unable to access my character vault for over a week now. Opened a bug ticket but no response.

Edited 1617821433
Roll20 Team
Hello folks, Thank you all for your patience. We were able to address and fix the Character Vault issues some users were encountering. If you are still experiencing this issue, please &nbsp;thoroughly work through the steps from our Help Center guide to&nbsp; Reporting a Bug , making sure to document your results for each step so we can provide additional help if necessary. Please include your Console Log. You can submit your request here: &nbsp; web form .