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I need help with custom sheet damage rolls


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I am looking for a way to do an inline roll plus show how many dice in that roll are 6s. I need this to be done from a sheet button for damage. rough example is this. Handgun DAMAGE 36 | CRITS 2 I have all the basics on getting the damage roll down. I just can't find anywhere talking about how to count successes in an inline roll from a sheet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Scott C.
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Sheet Author
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You'll want the target number syntax : [[6d6>5]] However, there's no way to get the total of the roll and get the number of rolls above a given number. You can do either or.
OK, thank you. They will just have to mouse over the roll and check for 6s. The damage total is more important then the number of 6s.
Sheet Author
If there are sometimes a lot of dice, you could sort the dice to make them easier to count.  [[6d6sd]] would sort the dice with all the 6s at the front when you mouse over the result.
that is a great idea. Will do that.