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Linking Rolls in Handouts & using Roll20 Roll Templates

I've been looking over the forums, online and youtube and I can't find an answer or method to do this. It seems linking/rolling from handouts changed from  !
 to just the tilde ` I've been able to link to other handouts, whisper players, put descriptions in the chat channel, but the one thing I am looking for isn't working for me. You can roll from a handout by linking the text and using something like `You take [[2d6]] damage. Which is fine, but not as sleek as I would like. I wanted to use the Roll20 Roll Template:  &{template:default} {{name=Test Attack}} {{attack=[[1d20]]}} {{damage=[[2d6]]}} However, when I attempt to do this, it ignores the roll template and just puts the text with rolls in the chat channel as if I had whispered/typed it. Is this something that is possible? Does anyone know a fix? Thank you ahead of time!
Sheet Author
This may (or may not) be tied in with some ongoing sheet framework changes that have affected some sheets and roll templates.&nbsp; If that is the case, then you might not be able to roll from a handout reliably until next week.&nbsp; This speculation on my part is due to posts in the sticky thread at the top of the Character Sheet forum: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
I believe alongside the change that stopped&nbsp; !&amp;#13; from working the use of colons became problematic. They get replaced by their HTML entity and HTML entities are now being escaped or not interpreted. You can workaround this though by specifying&nbsp;the template in a Macro then using the macro in the link. So with a macro 'defaultTemplate', shared with your players, as&nbsp; &amp;{template:default} Your handout links can look like `#defaultTemplate {{name=Test Attack}} {{attack=[[1d20]]}} {{damage=[[2d6]]}}
Thank you both, especially RainbowEncoder. I was able to build the macro and then link to it in the handout and it produced the results I was looking for.