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[LFP] DND 5e for new players (CET)


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Hi there, pleased to meet! Overseas Esports is a bunch of friends who (re)found each other online during the year where many of us were home bound due to the global pandemic focussing on various computer & tabletop games, with one common factor: fun.  For 9 months now we have been running a weekly DnD 5e group, and we would love to meet more likeminded people who'd love to use their creativity in a roleplaying environment.  Are you looking for an introduction into DnD 5e with a semi-experienced group looking for fun and become part of an online group of gamers? Then reach out to us for a chat! Wednesday, April 14, Overseas Esports will start a brand new starter campaign and for this we are looking for 2-3 people to join us on this adventure. If you are: - available Wednesday, April 14, at 7pm CET; - comfortable being part of an international group of people roleplaying in the English language; - interested in joining a new DnD 5e adventure, no matter how experienced in roleplaying or 5e you are; - as well looking for a platform where you can meet people to play a wide selection of different online games on top of enjoying a weekly DnD session; Then we just might be the perfect match for each other to start something which could lead to memories for life! . 
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Hello OEC, The General Guidelines clause of the Code of Conduct -- Looking for Group supplemental guidelines states: Refrain from publicly posting links to off-site communities (Discord, Facebook groups, etc.) on the LFG Forums and LFG Tools If you have games open to Roll20 users, we encourage you to post LFG listings for those specific games and invite people to your Discord privately.  You may place the link on your game details page or on a post to your game details forum or in a private message to someone. You may not place the link on your LFG Listing or in a post to your LFG Listing Discussion forum or in a post to the community forums. If you would like to submit an appeal, you may contact us here .
Hey i would love to join but it seems your link has been removed so if u could send me a link or just add me. My discord is Lord of Potatos#3763

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Apologies to the Mod team :-)  In our enthusiasm finding new people for our adventures we missed this point in your forum guidelines. Thank you for leaving our post open!  In the meantime, reached out to you on Discord @Lord of Potatos. Others interested in our DnD sessions, please do reach out in a PM and we will typically reply the same day.