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Token bug

I suspect this has to do with your maintenance though you said it shouldn't effect us, but I am no longer able to assign any sheet values to my bars in any of my sessions on any sheet and yes there are values on them and yes I have a sheet assigned to each session.  I was able to 10 minutes ago and now I cannot.  I only get "None" as an option.  
I am having the same issue. It is making my prep for tonight impossible.
Do not hit save on any token you check or it will overwrite the values and they really need to fix this as it has the potential to break a great many sessions and screw over DM's everywhere
same here
Same issue.
Same issue. Opening the attributes menu to assign one gives no results, and just says "None"
Same problem for me
Ditto. Well done Roll20. The bubble gum on your house of cards seems to be loosing cohesion. Structural integrity at 50% and falling.
Same problem for me as well.
Same. Got a session in a few and really need this to be fixed soon. Heres hoping.
Same issue.
Roll20 Team
Thank you all for the reports! We found an issue that broke some of the token functionality. We have a fix going out that will unfortunately rollback the chat archive fix that just went out, but we're working on a resolution for both and we'll update as soon as we have it.
Roll20 Team
The token settings issue should be resolved, thank you all for reaching out. Please let us know if you're still having any trouble with it.
At least you're trying and being transparent now :) 
Okay so not to raise alarm, but every time I click on the attributes tab for the dropdown, Roll20 completely freezes now for 30-60 seconds.  I've done a reboot on the PC same issue after reboot.  
Roll20 Team
Vizual , is this still happening? If so, please send in a console log and a game link via the Help Center because it should be unrelated to the token setting issue.
Bunny said: Vizual , is this still happening? If so, please send in a console log and a game link via the Help Center because it should be unrelated to the token setting issue. I'm sorry I had to leave for work, I'm not sure. I will test it when I get home tonight. 
Now I can see and access the player tokens on the token-screen, but can't access the tokens on the GM-screen anymore. They are visible but not clickable. I tried this on Chrome and Edge Chromium.
Having issues on my most recent games this week. Seems the tokens are unable to recognize the PC/NPC attributes.  Console log is full of error messages detailing how certain property was not found.  This render tokens unusable, since they don't reflect the current character status. Curious though, there have been cases that interacting with the pop up (typical case of Green circle linked to HP) and either adding or subtracting ... these changes do affect the character, it's just that the token does not reflect this. * This was definitely not happening during the weekend, I participated on several games during the NETCON 2021 with no issue at all.

Edited 1617987211
I cannot save settings on any of my tokens, like updating the positions of the bars (from above to top or bottom overlapping, etc.) The 'save settings' button simply does not work. This wasn't happening last week. :( EDITING: The 'save settings' button only fails when an attribute IS assigned to a token. As long as I do not have an attribute assigned, I can save the token settings. But as soon as I want a bar linked, it fails.
Having issues with the tokens too. Said issue started yesterday, opened a ticket, waiting for an ASAP fix.
I have documented the same bug as josago, Alexia B. and Myria Stardream. See&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>. &nbsp;My bug report includes error logs from both Firefox and Chrome. See&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;for a workaround procedure, which is unsatisfactory but may allow people to limp along with their games.