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Noob GM has character sheet/icon issue

Hey folks! I'm fairly new to GM'ing on Roll20 (FtF GM for years). In case it matters, I purchased the Rise of the Runelords package for PF1. have just recently started the campaign. Rolling along pretty good with one snag. We go to a new map, they or I drag their tokens onto the map. And then I have to turn on vision, night vision, toggle the name bar, set the AC circle, and set the HP circle. Every single time. It never saves any of that. I'm also GMing a 5E Storm Lord campaign and we never have this problem. I'm assuming I am missing some simple setting, but I can't find it. What the heck am I doing wrong?!?
Sheet Author
You probably saved their tokens as the default token to their sheet before having the vision set up.&nbsp; Setting the token as default on the sheet is the last thing you do after getting all the token settings as you want them.&nbsp; So... open the sheets in edit mode, delete the old default tokens that weren't fully set up, and then save the newly configured version of the token as default. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>