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getting names next to tokens in the turn tracker

if i make a character from scratch it puts the name next to the token in the turn tracker when using the turn tracker macro , but if i make a copy of a character because i dont want to re enter all the attributes and abilities and then rename it for a new player  , it does not put a name in the turn tracker next to the token (which works fine and show with the # and token in the turn tracker)  even though the macro is the same. is there a fix for this ?  this is the macro i am using  ":&{template:default} [[ [[1d20]] + [[@{Initiative}*1.01]]&{tracker} ]] {{name=Rolling D20 +  Initiative From Attributes }} {{ Rolls a D20 $[[0]] + $[[1]] Skill Points ==$[[2]] **TOTAL** }} {{for Initiative}. $[[2]]}}{{ If $[[0]] is 1 or 2 Enemy goes before Team,  If 20 Team goes before Enemy }}" but does the same if i use this macro  " /me &{template:default} {{name=Rolling D20 + Initiative @{Initiative} }} {{ [[1d20+@{Initiative}+(@{initiative}/100)&{tracker} ]]}} " Am i right thinking it is because i copied the character? 

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The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
The name that appears in the Turn Order is the name associated with the Token.&nbsp; In the case of the first Character, the Token is set to represent that Character.&nbsp; With the new Character, you've probably assigned a Token to it by clicking "Set Default Token" on the Character's Bio tab, but you probably have not set that Token to represent that new Character, so when you drag it out onto the Page and add it to the Turn Order, it has no name. See:&nbsp; <a href="\" rel="nofollow">\</a>
Sheet Author
I believe you also need to have the nameplate turned on for it to show in the tracker.&nbsp; If you have the nameplate turned on for the GM, but not the players, then only the GM will see the name next to the icon in the tracker.
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
The GM will always see the name of the Token in the Turn Order, if it has a name, regardless of the setting for Nameplate or permissions.&nbsp; Players will see the name in the Turn Order in two cases: They control the Token and the Edit permission is on for the name The See permission is on for the Name. As it turns out, the Nameplate setting has no bearing on whether the Token name shows on the Turn Order.&nbsp; I only just learned that by trying it. =D
thank you , i clicked on the token itself and found a settings tab for the name , i thought it was in the character page in the journal&nbsp;