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New Pathfinder 1e game starting tonight at 7:00 central


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Long term group, making last minute decision to add a new member to a newly starting campaign. We play a few hours on thursday nights. We are 40ish and here for FUN. This&nbsp; is a free game. Since there is no time to hash out characters, I would suggest grabbing a pregen from here:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;and we can flesh it out / change it up for the next game. Message me or post here for questions!
Howdy.&nbsp; Are you still looking for player(s)?&nbsp; I have both Pathfinder and roll20 experience (and have a character ready to roll).
Right now we are full, BUT... this is a new game with new players. The odds of someone deciding this is not the right game is still high. If anything opens up I can drop you a note. On a different not, I think your avatar picture is familiar. Did you use to post on Monte Cook's forums back in the D&amp;D 3.0 (or was it 3.5) days?

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Hey, sorry. Just saw this reply. :P&nbsp; Don't recall posting in Monte Cook's forums. But the image is a super-old meme, so someone else was probably using it: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> And definitely keep me posted!&nbsp; Pathfinder games are rare as unicorns here. :)