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Import PDF Text and pictures into Handout

Hi, is there an easy way to import/convert pdf content into handout text? Optionally with the import of format (like headers) and pictures? I would like to use the api search script by The Aaron to find relevant information while playing but as I understand it only works with handout text. E.g. I want to upload a specific gear table (which is a pdf at the moment) and quick search specific gear via the script. Any good ideas / suggestions for an easy way? Thanks and regards Jonas
Sheet Author
Hi Jonas, I don't think there is an "easy way" for handling pdf content within roll20. AFAIK, if you try and import a pdf using roll20, you will simply end up with an image of a single page of the pdf. ;-( You might be able to use something outside of roll20 ( an online app or local program ) to extract text and images from a pdf then copy and paste into a handout. Then you can probably utilize the  Search  script to search through handouts or you might find some use for  TableExport(and import) and RecursiveTables . Cheers
Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
Vince is correct. When you import a pdf page (it is single page at a time), you are actually converting it into an image and storing it in your asset library. If you are wanting it to be text in a handout, you will have to copy and paste into the handout and fix the formatting to be how you want it.
Well, you could upload the image of the table first and then copy the text from the PDF, paste into notepad or something and clean it up, then paste it into the text section.  This will enable searching but it won't highlight text in the picture. It would be nice if Roll20 had an internal pdf viewer for handouts.
OK, thanks again for the suggestions.