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Recommendations on good dungeon maps for DnD 5e?

Hi folks,  I'd be interested to hear what others are using/found useful from the Marketplace for a DnD 5e dungeon.  TIA Scott
Hi Scott, I really like the maps in the  Dungeon Master's Guide Map Addon I also love Dungeon of the Mad Mage because it has 23 HUGE dungeon maps you can re-purpose very easily Tactical Maps Adventure Atlas has a TONE of maps and adventures that are also really good Hope that helps

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Depends on what you're looking for really.  I've got an all-purpose set where you can basically construct your own dungeons with different types of rooms and halls.  It's good for making custom dungeons if that's your thing. Gabriel Pickard and David Hemenway also have a lot of good sets.  I've used their town and city sets, but they have a lot of other map sets you might want to check out.

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There are a lot of amazing creators on the Marketplace, and I would like to suggest several of them solely because there are a lot of them that go unnoticed and I feel like there are some breathtaking artists out there creating all sorts of different styles. Some of my favorites include Mr Valor, Moonlight Maps, Ori the Cartographer, StainedKarbonMaps, Czepeku, Tom Cartos, Gabriel Pickard, Mythic Portal Games, Mik and Wewa, Venatus Maps, Zach Moeller, The Mad Cartographer, David Hemenway, Domille, Caeora, Misjay Maps, Dan DiPietro, Forgotten Adventures, Dungeon Baker, Divination Illustrations, Russ Hapke, and really, there's a whole lot more than those. I would also include myself in that list as well, because well... I like my maps, and I create a lot of them :P There's also the style you are looking for. There are a plethora of talented creators on the Marketplace, and a lot of artists have their own styles, and some mesh well together better than others, but I promise you, there is no shortage of talented creators on the Marketplace, and there definitely is not a shortage of maps that can be used as either a ready to go 5e Dungeon Map, or Tile Sets for custom creating your own dungeon maps.
Check out the Lairs supplements from Kobold Press! They have extremely good quality content. For smaller creators I really like almost all of the Marketplace creators; Mad Cartographer, Dungeon Baker, and so many more... 
The Battlemaps subreddit has a ridiculously large collection of free maps you can peruse also.&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
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Please constrain suggestions to the Roll20 marketplace. There are lots of great sources out there, but it is against the CoC and ToS as outlined in the forum top post .
droll Keith :) would that they would get to suggestions with the alacrity you get to reminders :)
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I have an OCD problem when it comes to the forums...
Honestly it was said before, anything by Kobold Press I find intuitive. I specifically enjoy their Tales of Old Margreve stuff.&nbsp;
Thanks for all the suggestions everyone - you're all awesome :-)