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Question about the dnd 5e player handbook and 5e prewritten content. (Possibly a dumb question)

Just wonder, but with the PBH (player’s handbook) and things like that had a book with the physical copy of them. Is there a way to access the PBH outside of the game via ebook? If so, where should I navigate? I’m fairly new to roll 20, so it would be nice to know so I can study up for things before a campaign.
You can find the content through Tools>Compendium>Dungeons & Dragons. Just look at the menu bar directly above this post! (It took me a long time to realize this, myself.)
Dang... I had no idea! Tysm. Although I do have another question, this time about the official prewritten campaigns. So I bought one on roll 20 and I know that the physical version has a nice beefy book all about the adventure. Can I find that in the same place? (in E-Book form)
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It depends on the book. Some books have a Compendium feature as well as an adventure. You can find the Compendium parts in the adventure. There's no consistent "read-it-through-as-you-would-a-dpf" solution, though. For instance, you can read through the text parts of Candlekeep Mysteries, , the monsters are linked but not in a continuous-read fashion, and the adventures are in the module or addons. Candlekeep does introduce adventure intros though, which is new. Each book is a little different, as it is an evolving process. The earliest module books have no compendium tie in. One way or another though, you have every bit of text in the physical book.