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Help creating drop down macro that posts text into chat

Hello! Long time lurker; first time poster... I recently started running a Starfinder campaign for my regular group.&nbsp; We're experienced Pathfinder players, but I've found as the game manager that players are confusing skills and actions between gaming systems.&nbsp; It's not a big deal but it slows the game down and leads to some confusion.&nbsp; A lot of these issue could be solved if the players knew the attributes of different skills and whether they're trained/untrained skills.&nbsp; I made a cheatsheet for the players to use, but I think a quick macro that just drops some general information into the chat would work best.&nbsp; I'm using this macro to create my drop down menu: {{name= ?{Skills| Acrobatics,&nbsp; | Athletics,&nbsp; | Bluff,&nbsp; | Computers,&nbsp; | Culture,&nbsp; | Diplomacy,&nbsp; | Disguise,&nbsp; | Engineering,&nbsp; | Intimidate,&nbsp; | Life Science,&nbsp; | Medicine,&nbsp; | Mysticism,&nbsp; | Perception,&nbsp; | Physical Science,&nbsp; | Piloting,&nbsp; | Profession,&nbsp; | Sense Motive,&nbsp; | Sleight of Hand,&nbsp; | Stealth,&nbsp; | Survival, }&nbsp; }} Then, if someone selects Athletics they'd get a powercard in the chat using this macro: !power {{&nbsp; &nbsp; --name|Acrobatics&nbsp; &nbsp; --Balance|Move Action; Untrained&nbsp; &nbsp; --Escape|Standard Action; Untrained &nbsp; --Fly|See Rulebook &nbsp; --Tumble|Move Action; Untrained &nbsp; --<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> }} Which looks like this: The problem is I don't know how to link the powercard to the drop down menu. Thank's in advance for any help!

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Andreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
Instead of trying to add powercard commands to a dropdown, you could change the macro to be a Chat Menus with buttons for each option, and then you'd just press the button you want to roll form the Chat Menus. Oh and I think you could make that compendium url a hyperlink in the powercard: !power {{ --name|[Acrobatics](<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>) --Balance|Move Action; Untrained --Escape|Standard Action; Untrained --Fly|See Rulebook --Tumble|Move Action; Untrained }} Edit: it worked (click image to play the animation)
Awesome, thank you.&nbsp; I've stacked macros like that in the past.&nbsp; Not sure why I got so stuck on the idea of a drop down menu.&nbsp; Thanks!
Check out the Roll20 Master Series on YouTube. This guy has done a lot of awesome stuff in Roll20.
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