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292000 Rolls

Average Roll: 10.4999
Current Seed: 0.360228677827197860*

Since 01:00PM UTC, based on d20 rolls only.
*Truncated indicator only; seed is based on 256-bits of entropy

This status page provides a peek inside the current system-wide performance of Roll20's QuantumRoll dice engine. Dice rolls on Roll20 are processed by QuantumRoll to provide true randomness in each roll. The engine itself is powered by a powerful, thoroughly-tested RNG, seeded by an entropy source deriving from quantum fluctuations.

More details about how QuantumRoll works and what these stats mean are available on the Roll20 Wiki »

Results Per Number

Since 01:00PM UTC, based on d20 rolls only.

Rolls Per Hour

d20 rolls per hour; all times UTC