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This game will require payment to participate. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. For more information please see the Roll20 Code of Conduct.

Red Hand of Doom [5e]

Playing D&D 5E
Next Game Will Be 1527296400
Total Players Needed 6
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play i $8.00 per session via paypal
Pick Up Game i No

Experience the classic adventure updated to 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Often considered the best module written for 3rd Edition, Red Hand of Doom puts the players in the path of a massive army of Tiamat-worshiping Hobgoblins bent on domination. Test your strategy and wits in a desperate race against the clock to stop the horde's advance. Defeat monstrous foes and find unlikely allies to tip the scales in favor of the Vale's defenders. This adventure is great for players who like high stakes, epic battles, and long odds.

Hi Roll20, I'm an experienced and laid-back DM who is hoping to spend the summer running lots of games and meeting new players. Everyone is totally welcome, from first-time players to long-term grognards. My timezone is PST, but I've got a flexible schedule and I hope we can find a schedule that works for everyone.

I charge $8.00 for a minimum 4 hour session, but I don't want money to keep anyone from experiencing this game that I love. Please message me if you're interested and we can figure out a rate that works for you. On the flipside, I do accept tips, so if your situation allows you can help me keep costs down for other players and dedicate more of my time to the hobby. We will start with a free session zero, and I won't look for payment until after a game, so if you aren't satisfied, you don't have to pay.

If you want to play, please comment below and list A. your general level of experience, and B. your timezone and roughly what times work out best for you to play.

Finally, the best way to get a hold of me is on Discord (LordDaphne#3479). Message me with any questions or thoughts about this game, or if you have any other need for a DM for hire. I look forward to hearing from you!

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