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Adventures in Val'Vahan

Playing D&D 5E
Next Game Will Be 1571920200
Total Players Needed 6
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play i No
Pick Up Game i No

Val'Vahan is the world you will be playing in, and means City of God. This is a homebrew, sandbox world and is a medieval fantasy (bordering on renaissance-esque) world. On the two main continents, Erub and Aran, are two Empires, Juraedon and Kilae, respectively. These empires are decentralized to the utmost, and barely hold on to their power...

Books and Races Allowed

Player’s Handbook; Dungeon Master’s Guide; Xanathar’s Guide to Everything; all other materials (e.g. UA’s Ranger) must be approved by the DM first.

Only Core Races Allowed.

Terms of Play

Time of Play: Thursdays 8:30pm ~12:00am HKT (Hong Kong Time)– any time changes will first be mentioned in a DnD session.

How we play: Online, with Roll20, audio and a microphone are required. We will not be playing with text. We are using a Discord channel to talk. Make sure you have it.

The DM's Experience

I have played D&D for two years and a half, now. I have played D&D both in real life and on Roll20, and have used Roll20 for all of that year and a half of D&D playtime. I have all the current rule books on Roll20, available for the players to use (including the Player's Handbook compendium).

The Spiel

This is the beginning of a new campaign. Val'Vahan is the world you will be playing in, and means City of God. This is a homebrew world and is a medieval fantasy (bordering on renaissance-esque) world. On the two main continents, Erub and Aran, are two Empires, Juraedon and Kilae, respectively. These empires are decentralized to the utmost, and barely hold on to their power. There is a unified church, though there are many pagan superstitions and beliefs that pervade the world -- both in the common mind and in reality. State and Church have their faults, but most would consider them good things. Certainly, they are both rotten and corrupt, but it is hard to imagine a good life despite them.

Monsters are present but rare. The sentient races are the standard D&D races: Humans, Elves, Dwarfs, Halflings, Gnomes, Tieflings, Half-orcs, and Half-elves. Humans dominate the world; the elves fade from the world; the Dwarfs are recluse and their cousins, the Gnomes, hide with them; Halflings are the same as ever, happy and full; Tieflings and Half-orcs are treated more fairly and tolerably ever since the founding of the empires two and a half hundred years ago. Once they were considered total abominations, now only the commoners still hold to these beliefs. Ecclesiastical education has done wonders elucidating the urbane.

Half-elves have only begun to exist in the past few hundred years, for lore reasons.

There are many abandoned ruins, forts, cities, deadly dungeons, tombs, and terrains to adventure on, in, and through. There are wars and politics, and people especially -- people and drama, especially. Histories galore, broken histories, and events that, depending on what you do and the DM's inclination, can change the face of the map, for good or for ill.

All in all, a broad setting with cultures, geographies, and peoples as varied as our own (if they are not outright stolen). It's a fun place to play in, and I enjoy writing the lore as DM, so here is Val'Vahan: the City of God.


Wotan had laboured to create the free Siegfried; presented with the free Siegfried, he was enraged.

The themes of this campaign are Player Desire and Sandbox. You'll be set loose onto the world, hungry and ambitious, willing to climb the greatest cliffs and delve the deepest depths to find treasure. Or maybe you and your party will want to sail to the jungles. Or maybe you'll want to set yourself up as a Prince in Lower Huraedon. More will be explained on the sandbox, below.

On the Game that is Run

I will be running a semi-sandbox homebrew campaign. I expect the game will play out as an overland traveling montage, with a sort of episodic adventure every session. But as your choices will affect how the game will play out, I'm not too sure what to expect.

It will be somewhat gritty, especially during the earlier levels. Meaning that we will measure food, rations, time traveled, and you’ll need to actively search for magical items. By semi-sandbox I mean that I want the players’ choices to be the primary instigators of plot development (e.g. you guys choose to go to the Dwarf Mountain on the map, rather than an NPC requesting you to help them).

This is not a beer-and-chill game. I expect you to take your character seriously and to create a character that everyone enjoys and one that fits into the world (meaning you should talk with the DM during character creation). I am not barring funny characters, but I want you to take your character seriously and make it in consideration of the world so that you don't create a 'quirky' character -- someone defined by a singular, awkward, trait that no one likes or enjoys playing with.

Roleplaying is leaned on more than combat. It is a high magic campaign with low magic love, meaning that most of the world doesn’t use magic, but adventurers will be dealing with quite a bit of magic in the higher levels. Magic is a rare and powerful thing for the common person. Most people will go their whole lives without seeing a single cantrip.

I want to run a semi-sandbox. This means that I intend to describe a lot, hopefully to get you into the world, and the game will run more slowly. Death is something that will happen if you don’t take the right precautions. I’m willing to kill you in non plot-important battles (e.g. you die to a bear attack that comes across your camp because you didn't set up a watch or the necessary precautions).

Roleplay and the Murky-Mirror

Role-play will be using the murky mirror approach. This means that everything you do, out of character or in character, will be considered as having been done in the world. Things you do ‘out of character’ will be changed, in the world, to have occurred as if you said something in character. So if you badmouth an NPC while right next to them, you cannot say ‘I’m not in character’ – the character will always be there, and will mimic you, the player. Hopefully, this will ease in newer role-players, and will reign in lazier role-players. Naturally, this approach will be somewhat suspended in combat, which requires more tactical thinking and some out-of-character communication between players.

Another example to clarify what I mean can be a joke or reference made that would only be funny in our modern context. Like a Star Wars reference. In the game world, your character will also make a reference and a joke, but it'll be refering to the Star Wars 'equivalent' in the world. That is what I mean by the Murky Mirror Approach.

Character Creation

WE ARE NOT making prior characters and mushing them together in a haphazard mix of people that have a good chance of spending six sessions bickering until they finally realize they can be friends and actually play the game. Think of a character class, race, background, if you want to, but the actual character creation (the backstory of your character, your quirks, your personality and possible motivations, the adventure hook) will be made in collusion with everyone else during our Session Zero. So make sure to think of many possible backstories.

You should begin considering the mechanics of your character, though. We will be starting at level one and we will use Point Buy for ability scores.

I will not allow a mixed party of Good and Evil characters.

Session Zero

We will have a Session Zero one week prior to the campaign's beginning. In this time we will discuss other details like 'what you're comfortable with' or 'what your character is like'. Expectations will hopefully be set at this time as well. The topic of whether we will address adult themes will happen here, but know that adult themes are, by default, possible to happen.

(Above info about the Session Zero is not applicable at this point, as the campaign is already underway)

House Rules

The below houserules are not terribly impactful on the campaign (besides the changes to teleport) and what you'll do in it. But for the sake of clarity I've listed all of them out, here. If you're a new player, you need not worry about these things too much.

The spell Reincarnate is banned. This is because of the campaign world itself, in which only elves reincarnate as ordained by the gods. This is the only outright banned spell.

The Wish spell cannot be used to do time travel or do time affecting shenanigans. There is no time-traveling in general. It's just a topic I've never enjoyed watching or reading.

Teleport isn’t spatially instantaneous. You go through a layer of Hell called Throne. In this layer you can reach any location in the world instantly by unlocking certain doors. Teleport becomes a sub-dimensional traveling spell.

To stake something in combat through the heart, you need a critical attack, an athletics contest, and the target makes a constitution save at 20 DC if it is a vampire.

Falling damage is capped at 50d6, not 20d6.

There is a Bloodied Roleplaying Status. This status means that a monster or character is at half health. Role-playing wise, this means that the character and monster will not be physically hurt until the half-health mark. Prior to that, we will visualize HP decreasing due to fatigue, barely dodging, etc.

When you die your EXP is reduced to the minimum of the level you are currently at. So your new character (or resurrected character) will be the same level, but at a lower EXP total.

I have custom travel rules, intended to make travel both more interesting and more difficult. I will not list the whole thing here, but if you manage to get into the game, it will be listed in our Session Zero document.

To the New Players

You're quite welcome to this game. I'll help teach you the ropes if need be, but I expect you to try your best (so...make sure you know what your spells do, for instance).


Thanks for reading. If you're interested in playing, sign up in the application listing in the discussion box below. Make sure your application follows the guidelines set up. I want it to be easily readable.

Thanks for applying.

Want to join this game? Make a post in the discussion forum below and let the GM know!

5 Players (1 Open Slots)

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