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This game will require payment to participate. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. For more information please see the Roll20 Code of Conduct.

Land of Avallon (Homebrew) (Time not set)

Playing D&D 5E
Next Game Will Be 1553554800
Total Players Needed 8
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play i 20€ per player/per session
Pick Up Game i No

Welcome adventurers!
I will be running this homebrew campaign that I have been building on for about a year! It has deadly threats, ancient ruins and puzzles, some with timers others without!

About me!
My name is Rebel or Dennis, dont mind whichever you call me! i've been DMing for a good few years now, last couple here on Roll20. Been playing D&D since I was about 13 or so around my town, so that is about 8 years ago, so you do the math with how old I am! If you've got anymore questions about myself, you can always ask me i'm a very open person!

Why Pay to Play ?!
I feel like Pay to Play brings a more committed group and is way more rewarding that way. I've had free players come and go because they simply didnt have the wish to actually commit to the game. The payment is a sort of insurance that separates those who actually want to invest their time into their characters and world setting, from those who ditch their campaigns frequently.

Also it makes me feel more motivated and more appreciated, as stated before I have been working on this campaign for about a year now, which took allot of effort. It off course helps to keep the Roll20 Subscription and lets my purchase art packages and other stuff along those lines, which benefits me as a DM and you as a player. Also if the group didn't enjoy the session at all, due to mistakes, the way I run things or the way the campaign goes, you will be refunded and no payment will have to be made for that session.
Also the payments will be transferred through PayPal, bear in mind, Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.

Player Expectations!
I welcome both new and experienced players! So be open-minded to new players but as a new player, understand that this is a hardcore game, so it'll be viscous.
Arrive on-time, every week! If you are late for the session or can not make a session make sure you let us know so we know we dont have to wait for you!
Have Discord and have a decent and reliable headset to communicate properly with.
Know the basic rules required to play, any other rules you can always ask.
I request any macro making, fixing or maintaining your character sheet to be done outside of play time to not slow down everyone.
When it is combat it is expected for you to know more or less you'll be doing, to not slow down pace too much.
And lastly, have a good humor! Laugh with the group! Dont take everything way too serious, offcourse there are times you can be more serious then other times, as long as you can have a good laugh occasionally!

About the game!
The game is a Western Marches style game, it plays itself in the Land of Avallon, more then a century ago Kingdom of Oceanus found new lands started expanding upon it, after a few years adventurers were the frontier of exploring the rest of the land, till they released something whipping several encampents and towns. After several years of fighting off fiendish creatures, Kingdom of Oceanus was forced out of the land. Few years have passed and several alliances have been made in order to reclaim the land and seal whatever has been released, before it starts to affect the rest of the world. Adventurers are once again the frontier of exploring these once mapped dangerous lands, currently there is a stronghold which has been re-captured and militarized called Merton and a checkpoint has been made called Fort Duncaster.

For this campaign I have created a vast amount of content for the players to interact with, but it is also for players to take make things of their own happen! Players trading with other NPC adventurers, selling information perhaps, setting up outposts in the land, creating their own factions, perhaps teaming up with other NPC adventurers to go explore this really dangerous ruins and split the profits or kill this really dangerous dragon that has been causing everyone grief! Whatever you can think of, can happen with the right mindset!

Character Creation!
Everyone will start at level 1 and roll for their stat blocks 3 times (4 dices of 6 and drop the lowest), taking background equipment and rolling for starting gold. (You are allowed to re-roll if the rolls are really bad)
You will also roll for your hit points as you level up (re-rolling on 1s).
You can choose any official book, as long as its not Unearthed Arcana nor homebrew.
Only other class that is allowed is Blood Hunter that is made by Matt Mercer.

Game Mechanics!
I have made d100 tables for critical hits and critical fails which we will be using. Players, NPCs and monsters alike will be using these. This goes from the point of dismemberment to falling prone.

We will be using the variant resting rules, which means a short rest takes 8 hours, of which 2 hours can be light activity. A long rest takes 7 days of proper sleeping and light activity.

Spell casters regain twice their level in levels of spell slots (3rd level wizard could get two 1st and two 2nd level spell slots back for example) every short rest.

Some long rest abilities will become short rest abilities, discuss this per case with me.

Ration and ammunition tracking is also something I enforce which will allow for better roleplaying.

I do not stricty enforce encumbrance rules, other than when a player is over encumbered.

Flanking enemies with your allies will give a +2 attack bonus, not advantage.

Standing up in combat or picking up a weapon from the ground, while an enemy is within melee attack range, you will provoke an opportunity attack.

Dropping below 1hp gives you a level of exhaustion.

After every session you'll be given downtime days that you can use to do things with between every session, within the campaign forum I'll have several basic ideas that you can use to use them for, but this is mostly for you to try and do something special that your character would like to do.

After doing 1000 damage with most melee weapons you can become an expert at using this weapon by spending 30 downtime days perfecting your skills. You gain the relevant Weapon Mastery feat from the UA. The effected weapons are: handaxe, battleaxe, greataxe, warhammer, maul, shortsword, longsword, scimitar, rapier, greatsword, flail and the spear.

All full spell casters get the Magic Sense feature: When spending a minute of concentration on your surrounding are or a specific object you will find out if there is any form of magic present. Although you do not find out it's specific effect, school or origin.

Any spare goodberries will decay if you re-cast the spell Goodberry..

Whenever it says X gp or diamond worth X ammount for a spell, you will need that.

You cannot attune to an item after spending a rest with it, you will need to have it identified by the Identify spell. Any item that hasn't been identified but has been attuned to does grant all its passive abilities although any active abilities are unknown to the character.

The Identify spell requires an additional component called vial of Elemental Water which you can find with herbalism or buy it from the shops.

Some backgrounds or features that grant you things instantly will instead give you advantage on a roll to get said thing, discuss per case with me.

Resurrecting someone takes a toll, the person coming back from the dead must make a Wisdom save, on a failed save his constitution and strength both go down by 1d4. The DC for this save is 10 the 1st time, 12 the 2nd time and 14 the 3rd time. If someone is resurrected for a fourth time and If someone is resurrected for a fourth time and whenever someone is resurrected thereafter they must make a DC 15 constitution save to be able to return to their body. On a successful save his strength and constitution go down by 2d4.

Last bit
Thank you for taking your time if you've red this far, but this gives an idea on what you can expect of the campaign.

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1 Players (7 Open Slots)

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