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Counter Force of the Universe

Playing D&D 5E
Next Game Will Be 1558830600
Total Players Needed 5
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play i No
Pick Up Game i No

Open for new player & DM (if there's any that wanted to narrate the story).
The time stamp are set in GMT+7, but could be changed regarding the players availability. The day will remain the same.

I wanted to learn to be a better DM, and hopefully this will be a good start.
I'm really open for criticism and help to set up other things especially from players that have been accustomed to it.

I'm creating a background for the world and are inspired by other game (Guess which one is it). If anyone interested, feel free to apply.
Also, applying DM can make changes here and there if wanted to. Looking forward to get addicted to this. Thank You.

Crimson filled the continent!

The world has turned into a piece of disarrayment.
Thanks to the a certain cult's summon, Eucardia Kingdom as the center of the world has fallen and turned into ruins. In the other hand, other kingdom and town still live on but forced into a defensive state.
No, they aren't attacked by a power of a single and strong deity, but was pushed down by thousands of demonic fiend. It's a mystery why Eucardia Kingdom is the only one that was completely annihilated, being raided by most of the forces. The curiosity and tension pushed the surviving nations to held investigations on this major problem that threatened the world, yet the problems keep piling up.

Scales from a sudden disappearing of a town and a sudden appearing of a cemetery, into alteration of the ocean and even an eerie aura of the sky. The world's end is closer than ever.
But in time of chaos, there will always be a countermeasure, called the Counter Force.

Gaia, as the world itself, called its last hope. Wandering spirits still walking on earth, Sulking spirits that have passed on, even the Waiting spirits from the future, they are all Gaia's chosen champions. Their name was already written in the Throne of Heroes, and will do their best to preserve humanity in their own way.

Now, has your name been written in the Throne, or will you carve your own name on it?

Character Creation : Class are standard, Race are all available except flying type (Dragonborn is still accepted).

Rules :
1. Be Mature. Cracking jokes and all are fine but offensive behavior is a no go. Everyone want a fun and healthy circle.
2. Cooperative is key. Don't be that one person that play solo in a multiplayer game.
3. No power and meta Gaming. Yes, your character could be a certain powerful hero like Hercules, but in this world setting, all start in their weakest with only gifted by a little piece of power, according to the condition of summon/being chosen. We are going to prioritize story play and roleplaying.

The system of the game will be using 5e with changes of homebrew, but judgement of whether things are acceptable of not are decided by DM.

Breakdown of unlisted things will be on session zero.
Weekly game on Saturday, 07:30 AM (GMT+7, meaning it's mostly night-time for Europe & America).

Also, this will be the first time for me to use Roll20 so excuse me for making mistake or if it took me a bit of time to figure things out. (Application are closed)

The listing will be disabled in a few hours

Want to join this game? Make a post in the discussion forum below and let the GM know!

5 Players (0 Open Slots)

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