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The Clash of Seasons

Playing D&D 5E
Next Game Will Be 1561244400
Total Players Needed 8
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play i $12 per session via paypal
Pick Up Game i No

My Name is Zack and I would love to take you on an adventure. Solving intriguing mysteries, learning of an ancient world catastrophe that will repeat itself unless you prevent it, and traveling the world and across the plains of existence to end a cycle of destruction. These are some of the things that your characters will face on this adventure.

I DMed this campaign that I created for almost 2 years for some friends of mine from college but our group fell apart after I graduated and moved away. Now that I have ironed out some of the kinks it had, I would love to DM it again and hopefully finish it this time.

I Plan to mostly use the theatre of our minds and will only use maps on Roll20 for big battles or for when a visual aid is necessary. I will also use background music to help set the mood of what is happening in the game.

The Campaign:
Your characters will start at 3rd level.
I have designed the campaign in such a way that you will frequently be given two or more paths to choose from. Some choices will open the door to one adventure and close the opportunity for another adventure at the same time, while other choices might hold less weight. I want you to feel that you can choose your own path and see how your choices affect the world around your characters.

The first session begins with you being hired by the town council to solve a series of disappearances that have taken place in the town and find and apprehend a gang of bandits that have been attacking merchants as they leave the town.

This task and possibly others you are presented with will eventually lead you to discover a much larger quest that you must take in order to save the world from a destructive cycle that is beginning again.

This adventure starts on a local scale but soon you will be visiting places all over the material plane the Feywild and some of the other inner planes.

While battles are lots of fun and we will have a lot of those, I also love roleplaying so you won’t always be able to get what you need with brute force. I will also work character backstories into the campaign and hopefully be able to get you the players to have your characters build meaningful connections with each other.

The World:
The world is my own creation. Your typical fantasy setting sort of late medieval, early renaissance. Mostly European like countries but there are a few countries with a more middle eastern feel and a few tropical islands, and I can always add to the world to accommodate a character you want to play. The governments of these countries are mostly monarchies, some city-states, a few nomadic tribes, a few republics, and two empires.

Medium magic setting. The World was once a high magic setting but many magical secrets were lost after a great calamity thousands of years ago broke apart most of the civilizations of the time.

Here is more Info on the World if you would like to know more.

Home Rules:
We will use the revised Ranger from unearthed arcana, also like the guys at Nerdarchy I find the sorcerer to be underpowered, so these are the tweaks I will implement if you play a sorcerer

and here are a few home rules I use

I also use Matt Mercer's method for resurrection. I feel like there should still be a possibility of your character actually dying, otherwise death has no meaning.

You can use classes races etc from any of the published books and I might approve unearthed arcana and maybe homebrew if I feel it is balanced. Here are a few of my own homebrews if you want to take a look.

Sorcerous Origin: Feybloodline.

Bard College of Archery

Veela (medium fey). Can be summoned with conjure woodland beings.

A little about myself:
I have an associates degree in fashion design and I am learning German so that I can go get my bachelors in fashion design in Germany for free. I love all things fantasy and I am really into the arts and design.
I used to work for the Human Rights Campaign so LGBT rights are very important to me, and I currently work as a fundraiser for the ACLU.

Unacceptable characters:
No evil characters or murder hobos. If your characters kill someone they suspect of wrongdoing in a city with no proof of their crimes and its traced back to them, they’re probably going to be tried and executed. Your character’s actions have consequences.

Don’t play a character that is always stealing from other party members and is hoarding all the loot. Once or twice for character development might be fine but don’t make a habit of it. No one will want to play with you if your character is always hurting the rest of the party with their own self-interest.

Let's please be considerate of each other.

This is pay to play, and it will be $12 per session (PayPal), though the first session will be free. The sessions will start at 7pm EST every Saturday and run for about 4 hours. Please be on time. If you make a habit of being 10 minutes late or more or are missing most of the sessions I will find someone else to take your spot. Things come up and we all have lives but if you can’t make the time to come let someone else take your place who can make the time to be here.

Safe Space:
This is a safe space for LGBT players women and people of color. Racist sexist homophobic and transphobic comments and behavior will not be tolerated.

I want to cultivate openness and friendship between all of us. If something another player is doing is bothering you tell me and let's work it out together. Communication is key, we all make mistakes and sometimes we don’t realize it so let’s also be forgiving. I am here to mediate and help resolve any conflicts that arise.

We started the game last week, but I would like to have a few more players. I will hopefully be moving to Germany in September or October if I make it into school there, so we will need to change the time and maybe the day we play if and when that happens.

We will be using discord for audio-chat and Roll20 for maps.

Fill out an application if you are interested in joining.

Want to join this game? Make a post in the discussion forum below and let the GM know!

7 Players (1 Open Slots)

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