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The Chronicles of Exonica

Playing D&D 5E
Next Game Will Be 1560450600
Total Players Needed 3
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play i No
Pick Up Game i No

Welcome to Exonica!
Exonica is a very planer influential place, magic is high, tech is kind of a thing, adventurers are common and thousands seek the glory of becoming high level, few however have the true metal to meet the challenges that await. Are you and your new party any different?

Exonica is a very weirdly shaped world, but will mostly take part in 1 section of the plane known as The Centre. The centre is well, the centre of the map, a huge circler landmass surrounded entirely by an ocean. A good few months by ship away in almost a doughnut shape around it are the civilized countries, each influenced by 1 of the outer planes. Your home 'plane' is a place you're wildly proud of, wars are highly uncommon and most armies are more for show than use, in case of emergency. (more details on this will be available later)

Monsters stalk the swamps while long lost civilisations hide amongst the jungles, dragons lurk within the centre mountains and dinosaurs roam the eastern planes all while the whimsical fey play forest tricks and demons lurk along the roads.

You are one of the few lucky people who have successfully been accepted into the prestigious Adventurers Guild, known as The Bronze Bow Guild, it's world famous for producing some of the most known legends to man. Why you are an adventurer is up to you, and how did you prove your worth for a membership?
two days ago you arrived upon the shores of the city Mythcrest, also known as the city of opportunity. you've arrived at the local guild station, and have been assigned a bedroom among a flat knowing that the other bedrooms within the vicinity belong to that of your assigned party to start off with, so far you only know their names and a single rumour that surrounds each. while this party may not remain the same, you have been assigned based on your compatibility

At the guild food and board is free, as long as you remain a member. While being a member of the bronze bow has it perks it is not a legal pass, and you're encouraged to act with the upmost respectability as they do not hesitate to throw you out - and there is no bigger threat to an adventurer in the making than a mark upon your record. A mark that the bow leaves could be devastating down the line.

You can get many a contract from the guild, and can make coin many a ways, the more expensive the contract the more dangerous it will be - do not over judge your worth or abilities, monsters here are different from that of the manuals. You've been provided armor, weapons, basic adventuring items and a few other gifts from that of the guild for your starting place, and have readied yourself to meet your party and get your first contract from your party advisor - a higher up member of the guild who over sees your party, while they wont help with combat nor will they follow you out in the field (they may not even BE a levelled person, they may simply be higher on an administrative level) or situations of your own making, they may help in places as a very last resort only. Your Party advisor is a changeling man named Neat.

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7 Players (-4 Open Slots)

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