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Sailor Moon

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Next Game Will Be 1414109340
Total Players Needed Unknown
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Video and Voice
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play i No
Pick Up Game i No

A traditional Sailor Moon role-playing game! This is based on the Sailor Moon RPG published by Guardians of Order and uses the original BESM system!

The game takes place after the events depicted in Sailor Stars. The Earth has not frozen over yet, this is not the time of Neo-Queen Serenity.

It is a time of relative peace until something unexpected happens that derails the future. The Sailor Senshi have disappeared. This coincides with a new enemy appearing.

With strange events happening throughout Tokyo, the B team, the so-called "Lesser Senshi" Senshi from the various moons around the solar system, are awakened in order to fight this new enemy and learn the fate of the missing Sailor Senshi

Acceptable Character Concepts:
Senshi, Knights, Normal Mortals

Non-Acceptable Character Concepts:
Gods (Don't ask), Demons, Ninja from the village of the hidden-leaf...

Basically stating:
This is a Sailor Moon game. If you don't want to play a character like those shown in Sailor Moon then this isn't the game for you.

Want to join this game? Make a post in the discussion forum below and let the GM know!

5 Players

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