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Guild Living Campaign

Roll20 meets Living Forgotten Realms meets Adventurers League!

If you want to play D&D on a flexible schedule, we're your game.

(Please read before applying.)

For the last 7+ years, The Guild Living Campaign has been the largest, most active D&D 4e campaign on roll20, and now you have a chance to join in on the adventure.

Here's the basic idea for this campaign: It is open to all players, including new players, with no specific limit on the number of total players. Each session, the players will roll d20 and the top 5 or 6 rolls will get into the party for that day; players that don't make it in have an increased chance of getting into the next session they want to play. Sessions will be held at any time for any time zone whenever there is a DM willing and available to hold one. The basic backstory is that all players will be a member of The Guild: a prestigious but questionable group of mercenaries and adventurers; a select number of whom are given quests/missions/tasks/adventures/assignments/whatever-you-want-to-call-them each session. New players will start their characters at lvl 5 with 4500 gp starting gold. For more info, look at our campaign details page and read our rules threads.

The Guild is very much a come-when-you-can kind of game, and you are not required to play with the same people every time or at a specific time. We have over 20 DMs in a wide assortment of time zones across the globe, running games at almost every hour of the day (with more available upon request). Typically, the Guild sees between 8-15 games a week, both prescheduled and impromptu, at levels currently ranging from low heroic (for lvl 5-7 characters) to low epic (for lvl 22-24 characters), in settings as diverse as the Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Athas, and worlds of the DMs’ creation. Many of our DMs also run series of narrative-based adventures where the choices you make may impact your opportunities in subsequent sessions. Each adventure your characters undertake earns them experience and rewards, which are carried on to the next adventure they play, allowing characters to gain levels and play more and more challenging missions in the endless worlds of the Guild. We also have special retirement rules so if you get sick of a character, you can make a new one without losing all your progress.

Experience Requirements

Don’t know how to play? No problem! The Guild has all the resources you need to learn the game, from official D&D 4e publications to community-generated tools, guides, and video tutorials. We’ll have you up and rolling, making your own character sheets and macros and joining a game in no time at all! (Disclaimer: it will take slightly more than 0 time.) We also have dedicated chats where you can find help with rules, gain ideas for builds, or just talk to other people who like RPGs.

In addition, we offer the opportunity for our players to become Guild DMs and to use the Guild as an opportunity to try out their game-running skills in a familiar setting of knowledgeable, friendly people. Experienced players and fellow DMs offer advice, assistance, and feedback to people just making their forays into the world of DMing. There is no requirement for people to DM, but if you want a supportive, low-pressure environment to give it a shot, the Guild can provide.

Playing in Guild Games

Logistically, most sessions run on Discord voice chat (working microphone required) with roll20 maps used to whatever extent the DM of the hour chooses. Most games run about 4-6 hours, with some quick-combat (“arena”) games lasting as little as 2 hours and some longer in-depth story-intensive games running 7 hours or longer. These games (and Guild-related group chats) MAY have adult content in it (seriously, we spend most of the time killing things; what did you think?), therefore we will only accept players who are 16+ years old. Sorry, younglings.

Conclusions and Joining Instructions

The Guild is an opportunity for players looking to play occasionally without requiring continuous commitment. The Guild is always open to new players and is an active community where experienced players help out the newer ones in a wide variety of ways, from chatting with them about builds to constructing guides and resources for them, to trying their hands at running games as DMs.

FYI: We are much less disposed to invite you to the game if you cannot follow instructions, because to make this whole GIANT (usually 100+ players) thing work, there are a LOT of rules. If you are interested, post in the "Interested Players" thread, NOT in a new thread you make. Do not send me a PM! Post in the thread.

We look forward to seeing you all in the Guild’s D&D multiverse!

Good hunting!

Want to join this game? Make a post in the discussion forum below and let the GM know!

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