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Crawl to 20

Playing D&D 5E
Next Game Will Be 1590175800
Total Players Needed 5
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play i No
Pick Up Game i No

This game will primarily be a series of dungeon crawls taking the party from first level hopefully up to twentieth, at least up to the mid teens. In 5E terms this means that I am likely to use some of the Tales from the Yawning portal, but I might also use a variety of old school dungeons converted to 5e, as well as what I make or find. If I use premade dungeons from older editions, I will adjust things moderately and try to lower the amount of randomness particularly ensuring that there are not save or die effects. I may lower the amount of riddles, but I do try to challenge both characters and players. The map will generally be closer to a battle map than a work of art. There will be some amount of overarching plot but the emphasis is more on dungeon delving.
This game requires a flexible schedule and a desire to play frequently. The exact times will be decided later.
Me As a DM

I bounce between Central and Eastern Time Zones.
I am a grad student but have managed to get an internship during the middle of the summer. This internship is largely going to be 9-5 but is relatively unpredictable in when exactly I will be working. But an internship during covid is hardly something that can be looked in the mouth. While home, the morning or afternoon works better for me. And if classes resume normally during the fall, we will probably weekday evenings.

This will require a fair bit of flexibility in scheduling.
As for frequency, I would suggest that we aim for twice a week. Things will inevitably come up, but by aiming for a higher frequency we should be able to ensure we average at least once a week.
Also, if one person can not make a time, particularly once we are in groove in terms of a particular time, the session will happen and I will manage the absent persons character in a supporting role. As long as absences do not become a habit, this is no criticism of the absent player and I will protect their interests.
This is also my first time DMing on Roll20. This is my fifth campaign DMing but there will be a learning process for me in term of DMing on Roll20. I am also not going to prepare maps for social encounters.
I might use converted first edition modules, yet I am a 5E DM at heart. I do not want to kill your character. But a monster might. (Chances are a character’s death is not his objective per se) and I will play monsters tactically to achieve their objectives and in ways that make sense for the monster type. You will get functionally more XP for beating Monsters that fight tactically. Depending on their objectives and the situation you will often be able to deal with at least some monsters through diplomacy.

Roll 20 is as a medium works better for some ways of playing DnD than others and so as I DM I am going to set some expectations.
While this game will primarily play through dungeons, DND is inherently a role playing game and this role playing aspect is crucial to it. I am bad at doing consistently different voice for NPCs, but I will try. However, I will limit the type of roles for PCs to ones that are more fun for the whole group in this type of campaign.

We do not know each other and we cannot see each other and so we can tell when we are going to far. Thus the expectations along the lines of no PVP or stealing from the party are even higher in online play. Different characters may have different goals or perspectives and those might be discussed, but once they are, they whole party needs to work together. I am fine with PCs being lawful evil, but one needs to ensure that one is not bothersome to other players. Also lawful good needs to not be problem either. Do not object to people looting bodies. I would discourage any chaotic build or a neutral evil one.
Further, characters need to be functional. They are exceptional adventurers; PCs should not be stupidly reckless or dysfunctional individuals who might touch a poisonous snake out of curiosity. Such people would have died long before reaching first level. This is not to say their personalities should be flawless or only calculating but they need to be the type of people who have reached the top 1% of the population in likelihood to survive adventuring. Playing with other members of the party that have interesting flaws that create responsibilities for the rest of the party can be a lot of fun, but that works best in person games among friends. Even then it can get annoying very quickly. Your character’s flaws should not be a burden for the party in this game.
The party will not split up except for very limited purposes. Splitting the party is not merely a bad move tactically, it tends to make the game harder to DM and less fun for the other players.
Along the same lines, builds should be reasonably effective. Obviously you do not have to play a min maxed munchkin build. But in online play, a build that does not pull its weight in combat tends to make the game less fun for other players. Your character should not be noticeably less effective than a first time player of DND who just follows the PHB guidelines and chooses things he thinks is cool and would make his character more effective.

Also, Roll 20 as a medium excels at the more tactical aspects of DND. If that is something that you do not like and you might take opportunity attacks without a clear tactical or strategic goal in order to role playing your character’s fear, that is a legitimate way of playing DND but it is not the type that will most enjoy this game.

While creative problem solving is a crucial aspect and something I will preserve, Roll 20 takes a bit of effort to prepare maps and so will be less sandbox than would be appropriate in theater of the mind. Thus I ask that you bite at plot hooks. I may ask the party quasi in game and quasi out of game if they want to explore a particular dungeon, but once I spend the time or money to prepare it, I would ask that y’all explore it. At the same time, the smart move will sometimes be to leave a dungeon and recover. The monsters might react to this happening, but

Keep these in mind when designing your character and his personality. In the right setting a Kender member of the party can be an interesting roleplaying opportunity for the whole party. This game is not that.
Also reskining options for player characters is fine, but homebrew will not be used.

To apply please message me the following

What is your state in life?
Why is your schedule so free that you can play at these differing times?
Are there times that work better for you?
Are you ok with the story advancing even if you can not make a session?
What is your worldview? Give me a sense of who you are without breaking pseudonymity.
How frequently do you want to play?
What is your experience level with DND?
What modules-dungeons would you like to play?
What modules- dungeons have you already played, if any?
Character idea

Still want to read more for some reason? Or on the fence about whether to apply or not?
Player stats are handled by a custom point buy. Use the calculator at and go over to custom rules and set the maximum at 17 and available points at 30. This is basically the equivalent of 4d6 drop 1 and begging the DM for a reroll if you get a bad roll but ensures all the characters are at the same level.
I will freely homebrew-tweak dungeons or monsters but I do not will do not homebrew character dynamics or fundamental rules of the game. Rule modifications are only going to happen to avoid breaking the game in this might be mystra intervening to prevent simulacrum chains. Rule of cool works for one off fun actions. Clever thinking in individual settings will tend to be rewarded.
You cannot crit fail or succeed a skill check or saving throw.
Magic items can be bought and sold but at significant price levels and hardly at the local shop. Given how thin the market is, it will cost a lot more to buy than one gets by selling the same magic item, particularly as I imagine people do not want to go on quests to sell magic items. is roughly what I am thinking for the approximate price point
Characters are probably going to managed via DND beyond. I have content sharing for the major books and it seems one can use DND beyond in conjunction with role 20.
Creative problem solving that ends up not working is the fastest way to inspiration.

The world background is approximately Holy Roman Empire but on a larger scale. All humans and a lot of non humans are nominal subjects of an elected emperor who has symbolic and consensus based power over the whole main continent. Most power resides in the local nobility but there are plenty of variation in how this works. In some cases a duke will have firm control in others the count will have effective sovereignty. There are also imperial free cities etc. There are also outlying non human kingdoms
It is medium to low magic fantasy world, which can easily be fleshed out by y’all backstories.

Roughly 1% of the population has half an equivalent class level and 1% of the population has the equivalent of a class level of one or higher and each level higher the frequency drops by a half. So 1% of the population is half level, .5% is first level, .25% is second level, .125% is third level and so on. Now NPCs do not have class levels these are only approximations of power; but this should some sense of how powerful different PC levels are. And only a sixth of these pseudo class levels are in full caster classes, cleric being the most common and wizard the second. So only about one in about two thousand can cast second level spells without having to worry about exhaustion. The average person might not freak out about magic or be mystified by it but it has not deeply transformed society as in the Forgotten Realms.
I use great wheel cosmology.
One copper very approximately equals one US 2020 Dollar.
Leveling up happens in response to the party’s accomplishments.

Want to join this game? Make a post in the discussion forum below and let the GM know!

3 Players (2 Open Slots)

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