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Pokemon: The Stepford Menace

Playing Pokemon ( Tabletop United, Adventure )
Next Game Will Be 1613421000
Total Players Needed 10
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Text Only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) Yes
Pay to Play i No
Pick Up Game i No


It's not easy living on the streets of Johto's Goldenrod City; gangs of every stripe and inclination rove the streets, trying to protect what meager lives they have built in the shadows of the glittering skyscrapers. The country still hemorrhages wealth and brainpower to its neighbor Kanto from wounds inflicted in the war twenty years ago, and the recent influx of cybernetic technologies from its once-enemy widens the gulf between haves and have-nots more every day. Despite everything, you have managed to eke out enough of an existence for yourself and your pokemon to grow into one of the stronger dogs in this mangey pack.

Several months ago, a new gang moved into the city. Clad in knee-skirts and sweater vests, these seemingly uptown yuppies have seized several traditionally profitable avenues of street life and made a splash with their designer drug Pixie Dust. Around the same time as this, some influential figures (and many apparent nobodies, too) have begun to fall into a deep sleep from which they cannot be roused. Those that awake do so subtly changed, finding new interest in antiquated fashions and an obsession with cleaning up the streets of the city.

Amid all this turmoil, you receive a message from one Doctor Rose requesting your help. The experimental Dream Machine she and her team had been working on has been stolen by the Pixie Chix, and she thinks they have some connection with the mysterious sleep sickness. This philanthropic young woman helped you get your life back into some kind of order when you were at your lowest point, giving you the pokemon that saved your life. Even if you don't care about current events, you owe this woman everything.

They may be no Team Rocket, and you are certainly no aspiring League Champion, but make no mistake: this will be a Pokemon Journey as rough and an adversary as challenging as any.


This game is currently in-progress but has not yet advanced very far. The party has only just started to investigate the mysterious Pixie Chix and their operations, but have been sidetracked by a gang-affiliated mission to raid a warehouse for drug precursors. The party currently consists of two Cyber Ravers women, one of whom is a telepath, as well as a kooky Silver Dusk boy who loves bugs. As these two factions work well together, it is recommended that new applicants join one of these two.

Target party size is four to five. Most of the "players" currently in game are there strictly as observers and to not participate in the game proper. This means there is currently room for one or two new players.

This is my attempt to transpose the usual Pokemon Adventure into a more gritty and urban campaign without ditching the familiar Pokemon setting we have grown familiar with. This game will contain adult themes, and aims to have a reasonable balance between investigation and combat. This game is intended for experienced Pokemon Tabletop United players, with many opponents having strategies more sophisticated than "hit with the strongest move available." New players will not be turned away, but may find themselves struggling to be effective against such capable opponents.

This game runs on Pokemon Tabletop United 1.05.5, and is entirely text-based. The game will be run on Roll20, with session RP rewards and some light between-session roleplay being done on Discord. I will be handing out to accepted players a customized version of the Fancy PTU Sheet on Google Drive that contains my preferred formatting, house rules, and minor script fixes.

There are four playable-joinable gangs in this game, each one focusing on an aspect of PTU that most campaigns in the system don't fully take advantage of. The gangs will serve as this campaign's gyms. Membership in an established gang is not required, but encouraged. The four player-joinable gangs and some basic information on each follows...

  • The Cyber Ravers are based on rave culture and focus on augmentations and digital battles. They believe it is time for humans to reinvent themselves to survive the challenges of the future, and operate out of literally underground nightclubs built in the abandoned subcity. Many corporate drones don the latex and glowtubes on weekends, but true Ravers are fairly rare. They are easily one of the most numerically inferior but best-equipped of the gangs. They generally use electric and normal pokemon and tend to be Dancers, Musicians, and Upgraders.

  • The Motor Federation are based on greasers and focus on vehicles. For MotorFeds it is all about getting where they're going and doing it fast, because every man has only a short time before they grow old and ugly. Many of the best motor shops in the city are owned and operated by the gang, assuring them a constant flow of above-board income and access to motorcycles, trucks, and even boats souped up with the latest mods. They have the numbers and equipment to rule the pavement, but many of their members are fairly low level grunts that can't compete with the power of the Inheritors, the Silver Dusk's trickery, or the Cyber Raver's cutting edge tech. They generally use fire and poison pokemon and tend to be Fashionistas, Roughnecks, and Chemists.

  • The Silver Dusk are based on a mix of cryptid and mall goth cultures and focus on psychic residue. Consisting mostly of "weirdos" whose esoteric interests have estranged them from polite society, the mostly-female Duskers are a very open, understanding, and close-knit gang. The Duskers believe in finding truth and searching for answers out of life and the universe, believing that all evil ultimately arises from ignorance and misunderstanding. They tend to congregate around other outcasts, having hideouts in the basements of comic shops and tabletop stores citywide. Although easily the "nicest" of the gangs, they are not above sending grisly messages to terrorize those who might mock them. They generally use bug and ghost pokemon and tend to be Chroniclers, Hex Maniacs, and Witch Hunters.

  • The Inheritors are based on secret societies and focus on fossil restoration. The gang originally grew out of a college fraternity for no other reason than because a secret society sounded "tight." The past and future belong to the Inheritors, or so they claim, yearning to be joined in a bright and orderly future the likes of which mere plebs could not even dream of. The Inheritors have an interesting relationship with truth, in that they tend to view it as multiple-choice. Hard facts about the Inheritors are difficult to come by, but they are clearly well-educated and have access to powerful pokemon no other gang has. They particularly enjoy infuriating the Silver Dusk. They generally use rock and ground pokemon and tend to be Hobbyists, Provocateurs, and Paleontologists.

Congrats on making it this far! Here's what to do next...

When applying to this game, create a new thread below. I want the following from you in that thread:

  • An acknowledgment that this is a text-based game with heavy roleplaying, and that you're okay with that.
  • Your expectations for the game; what you expect to see, and perhaps what you don't want to!
  • What and and times are good for you to play in case Monday afternoon doesn't work out.
  • Whether you've played PTU in this sort of realtime text-based format before.
  • A little bit about your character; classes, starters, elemental connection, gang affiliation (independent is fine too), and maybe twenty-five words on personality that I haven't read about every fanfiction character ever (if you write "he's friendly but becomes angry when her friends are hurt" I will parade your application through my Discord community server to be mocked incessantly).
  • Whether you've read the Pokemon Fanfic "Origin of Species." This has nothing to do with the game, I just want to know.
Want to join this game? Make a post in the discussion forum below and let the GM know!

9 Players (1 Open Slots)

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