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  We're in the middle of a long-term campaign and recently had a party spot open up that we're now looking to fill.  Fallen is a kinda dark-ish fantasy, post-apocalyptic sort of setting.  This used to be a pretty typical D&D style world, but something happened decades ago that just erased most of the people in it.  New people have since been entering the world formed out of puddles of ink with no memories or worldly possessions, then immediately set upon by beasts and monsters and twisted, evil people and a whole bunch of other things, you get the picture.  If they live through that, they then have to survive in a world with little in the way of civilization, where even the simplest of animals might be monsters in disguise and where even the other people they run across may well be something different than what they appear, and where even basic living resources are scarce.  Our heroes have been doing something about it, founding the only village known in the game world, or at least the only one that's not run by dragon-worshipping slavers, and going to great lengths to ensure the village survives and thrives in a world that wants it dead.  Maybe you can be one of them too!

Just so you know what you're getting into, we're a pretty well established gaming group, been playing together for a couple of years, and we're midway through a campaign that taken us... I don't know, a while, so far. Maybe a year or so. So we're looking for someone who can stick with us for the long haul. The game can get pretty fiction-focused, and I try to make it feel like a very full world, so although there's not a whole lot of people in it in total, we're still working with tons of at least somewhat fleshed out npcs and recurring characters and arcs. I also try to do some long term storytelling, so you'll see things foreshadowed well in advance of them actually coming through, and sometimes the party will run into consequences of their actions months after they actually did them. That said, although I try to make it fiction-focused, the game doesn't lack for combat either. The group will also typically make their decisions and choices from an in-character perspective rather than what would necessarily make for the best mechanical basis, and they don't always have the same priorities, so you'll see the party splitting up very often and occasionally working against each other. They've also got a habit of making in-character choices that lead to them technically succeeding in their mission but not getting everything they need for it for a true success or otherwise landing pyrrhic victories. So some degree of being able to dive into your character at the expense of tactical optimisation and willingness to work through imperfect results are likely required to enjoy the game. Given that you're starting in the middle, you'll also be running into a number of plotlines resolving or recurring that you weren't around for when they started, so patience for that would be helpful, too.

Also, it's probably worth mentioning that this is the GM's first time running a campaign and he still doesn't feel like he perfectly knows what he's doing. So you'll need some patience for the occasional forgotten feature or mismanaged enemy or resource, etc. If you're an experienced player, great, maybe I'll learn something from you. If you're a newbie, great, we can develop our skills together. Ruleswise, the game is pretty by the book, all Wizards-published material is accepted by default while Unearthed Arcana or optional rules/features requires GM approval but is usually ok. We use very little homebrew, pretty much just the monsters or a re-flavored ability. At the time you'll be joining, characters are at level 9. Like I said, we've been playing together for a long time and have grown pretty close, and we're looking for someone who'll both get along with everyone and add to our long-term game for the duration.

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6 Players (1 Open Slots)

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