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Talvara: The Fractured Lands | Open World

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Next Game Will Be 1626564600
Total Players Needed 250
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Unknown
Audio / Visual Video and Voice
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) Yes
Pay to Play i No
Pick Up Game i No

Talvara uses the KNAVE system, a quick and easily hackable OSR game system. Character creation is fast, and you can be ready to play the game in minutes. It's similar enough to the world's most popular role-playing game that few players should have issues figuring out exactly what they need to in order to make this work. That said, IT IS an OSR game. So that means it's a different kind of play style in comparison to what most players are probably used to. Come in and read the character creation, expectations of play, and maybe you'll find something interesting.


In a world where pay to play tabletop games are becoming more and more common, I offer games that are completely free. In addition, we have unique tokens, maps, rule books, and plenty of other features you won't find when you game online. You will NEVER be required to pay to play in our Talvara sessions, but you can support us if you have the funds or if you enjoy the games through donations. These donations can be monetary or in time, helping to build on our already vast community created universes.

You can visit our website here: and you can download our rule book FOR FREE in the downloads section.

There are things that dwell beneath the earth and some are best left buried.

The Dread, the underbelly of an already terror filled and darkly macabre surface world. There is no glory to be found in this place, only death, ruination, and treasures the likes of which few minds can conceive. The last memories of broken civilizations remain, the black age of death was thought to have consumed them all but how wrong we were. Twisted echoes of the ancient peoples that came before, gangling and half-dead. Their sanity shattered and their hopes and dreams lost to the relentless marching of time. Feral barbarism, raving priests of unholy gods, eldritch terrors and horrible monstrosities long thought lost to time are all that remain down here.

Hungry, dark gods seek to awaken into the last vestiges of a light-filled world to snuff it out once and for all. Their echoing laughter driving the last of the survivors of this dismal nightmare to madness.

Knaves of Talvara, the time is close, and soon you will be adventuring out into the deadly wilderness to face wicked, monstrous foes and explore the forgotten reaches of the new world. As heroes, don't forget that you are just as distinctive and dangerous as the lands you live in. Remember that this is not a world built for chivalrous knights, scholarly wizards, or noble quests. This is a time to adventure out into a world hidden in shadow in search of loot and glory, or a prize equally worthy of your ambitions. The cruel cities and the deadly wilds have a thousand tales to tell, but they all begin with a character driven to attempt great things. Fortune favors the bold and makes quick work of cowards. Though most will die terrible deaths in far-off places, a few of you brave souls may make yourselves into princes... or even kings.

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