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Plixeon Wed Late

This is a D&D 5e open campaign in the World of Eberron, on the Continent of Xen'drik. The year is 1,000 YK, 6 years after the Mourning, and 4 years after the war.

On the Xen'Drik continent south of Titan's Teeth on the coast of the Phoenix Basin, a foot hold has been established in an area called the Royal Spires. Here adventurers and pioneers blend and mix across 20 square miles of forest, jungle, mountains and swamp. This strange land offers many opportunities to explore ancient ruins, adventure through forbidden and alien lands, and delve deep into the mysteries of the lost past. There are multiple story arcs to be followed across a vast and living land of mystery and danger (each effectively its own 20 level campaign). With dozens of major and minor stories to be discovered and lived, and hundreds of encounters, the adventures never end and the possibilities seem endless. Each campaign will play from level 3 to level 20, with a portion of the campaign taking place after level 20.

What do you need?
* 3 to 4 hours of free time
* Computer with internet access
* Microphone
* Free Discord account (voice chat)
* We use Discord for voice chat.
* Free Roll20 account (for maps, rolls, and content)
* We use Roll20 gives us a tabletop, a text chat, and a dice-rolling forum.
* Free DnDBeyond account (for character sheets and free resources shared from my account)
* We use D&D Beyond for Character Sheets. D&D Beyond tracks and keeps your character.
* Dice rolling can be done in DnDBeyond (using Beyond20) or Roll20
* Beyond20 allows you to roll from your D&D Beyond character sheet into Roll20 or roll directly in roll20.
* A desire to work with your team to adventure and explore

Character Creation and Homebrew Rules
Options: All optional character creation materials are available, sources and race/class/background options.
Before You Begin: When creating your character, be sure to select all sources, class, and race options, as well as manual HP (all choices should be red).
EXCEPT: No custom lineage, no custom background
After Creation: We will determine organizations, allies, rivals, and fateful moments, fleshing out more of your background.
Character Creation: No secret characters (race, class, background). Every player gets to know each character's race, class, and background.
Level: The campaign begins at level 3. Your campaign may be higher level.
Attributes: Roll 3d6 +6, dropping the lowest die. Do this six times and distribute the numbers among your ability scores.
Hit Points: Your receive maximum Hit Points for levels 1-3. When rolling for subsequent levels, a roll of 1 or 2 counts as a 3. A roll of 3 or more stands as rolled. You may also choose to take the average roll.
Alignment: No evil characters, no evil tendencies. Your character needs to function within a group, bringing value to the other player's characters, and not detract from the group and the group's goals.
Characteristics: Fill these each out completely. This includes traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws.
Constitution: You gain a number of tool proficiencies equal to your Constitution bonus. These can include musical instruments, kits, tools, and games.
Intelligence: You gain a number of language proficiencies equal to of your Intelligence bonus.
Renaissance Firearms & Explosives: Firearms are available, as are explosives. Anyone proficient in martial weapons is proficient in firearms.
Blocking: If you are hit by an attack, you may use your reaction to block that attack. If you are using a weapon, you may reduce the incoming damage by your strength modifier. If you are using a shield, you may reduce the damage by your strength modifier plus 2.
Short Rest: 30 Minutes for a short rest. You may reduce exhaustion 1 level by spending 1 Hit Die. Hit Dice used for exhaustion may not be used for healing. You may take a maximum of 3 short rests per Long Rest.
Long Rest: Long rests function as is, except: you may spend any remaining Hit Dice to further reduce exhaustion by 1 level or increase sanity by 1.
Attunement: Magic items can be attuned in 1 action. They can be unattuned with a 10 minute period. Magic items can be identified upon attunement, with an identify spell, or with a 30 minute period of study followed by a DC 10 (+3 for each level above common) Arcana, History, or Religion check.
Countercharm: Action to use, all charmed & frightened are no longer charmed or frightened.
Poison, Acid, Holy Water, and Alchemist Fire: Coat one weapon or 10 ammunition with a bonus action. Lasts for 1 minute, dealing an extra 1d6 poison, acid, radiant, or fire damage.
Massive Injuries and Damage: When a creature experiences any of the following effects, it loses 1 Sanity: Taking a critical hit, Dropping to 0 hit points, Losing more than 50% hp in a single hit.
Critical Hits: The weapon dice are maximum (not spell, not supplemental), and double with all other dice.
Healing Potions: You can drink a healing potion as a bonus action, or administer a potion to another character using their reaction and your action. Healing potions and like items always heal for maximum value.
Hero Points We will use a variant of Hero Points. You start with 3 hero points. You refresh 1 spent hero point per long rest. You can use 1 Hero Point as follows:
* For 1 hero point, you add 1d4 to an ability check, attack, or saving throw.
* For 1 hero point, you may treat an ability check, attack, or saving throw roll as a natural 11 on the d20.
* For 1 hero point, you may reroll an ability check, attack, or saving throw, but must accept the new result.

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6 Players (1 Open Slots)

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