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This game will require payment to participate. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. For more information please see the Roll20 Code of Conduct.

The Rat Patrol - A Shadowrun Campaign

Playing Shadowrun ( Any Edition )
Next Game Will Be 1670634000
Total Players Needed 8
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play i $20/player per session, before session begins
Pick Up Game i No

The CAMPAIGN Premise ::


A man had a dream. A dream to be just like all the heroes he saw glorified in trideos or plastered all over any news broadcast or digital wanted poster he ever saw. A dream to be like Fastjack, Turbo Bunny, or Traveler Jones... People who really LIVED life to the fullest and stuck it to "the man" all in the same breath. That man was Jacob "Skreemin" Halloway; an Ork accountant turned shadowrunner who spent his life savings to form an elite unit of 'shadowrunners' with the explicit goal of finishing the jobs others in the shadows couldn't, or wouldn't.

That is the story of how The Rat Patrol began. Four rogue canon shadowrunners willing to take any job for the right payout. Their mission: "to attack, harass and wreak havoc on all Megacorps". Know the threats. Find the solutions.

Unfortunately, Jacob died in the line of duty during an Aztechnology bombing raid.

That's where you come in. Jacob was a judicious fellow and saw fit to leave all of his equipment, weaponry, and other resources to you in his will. Everything a runner, or a team of runners, needs to make a name for themselves. So now that you've been given posthumous control of The Rat Patrol HQ, what're you gonna do with it, chummer?

ϟ ღ:: # of Players: 3-6 total || ϟ ღ:: Session Length: 3 Hours

                    ### ::WHO::

A quick little bit about me: I go by teronism professionally. I've been roleplaying for about 14~ years now, mostly through text via Play-by-post forums, IRC and the like. I got started with the campfire and freeform improv type 'games', later moving on to Dungeons and Dragons as a storytelling catalyst. The story is ultimately my main interest in TTRPGs, so most often I take a more rules-light approach to GMing than some GMs I've played with, going for narration over mechanics when I see fit. I've been DMing for around 5~ years now and my preferred style of game-running is Theatre of the Mind with a focus on collaborative narration, so I'm looking for players who are as eager to engage in a similar group experience.


There are no requirements on familiarity with any of the systems used. There is a requirement that you be comfortable with making up a story and character, sharing ideas and improvising collaboratively, and having some experience with roleplaying is always good.

  • As I am a storyteller, the rule of cool applies here. If it's cool, cinematic and epic chances are I will allow it. I adhere to the spirit of the law insofar as it keeps the story good - but some rules are meant to be broken. I routinely (in my own play) ignore rules in favor of story and thematic penalties I didn't technically need to take if it makes for more engaging story-writing down the line.

And because I want there to be no miscommunication:

  • Sexist, racist, or otherwise offensive remarks and opinions being espoused, or offensive behavior towards other players at any point will result in ejection.
  • Murder hobo'ing, meta-gaming, and being overly vulgar just for the heck of it, are all big no-no's.
  • More generally, don't be a creep. Act responsibly.
  • If I, in any capacity, ever offend or make anyone uncomfortable, or don't handle an issue that arises in a way that you feel encourages your continued participation please let me know.

And then, of course, I want us to all get along. Hopefully, we will, but no way to know until we've met!

::Payment and Scheduling::

The Session Zero of the campaign is completely free and will go over the world setting, any questions about the game itself, character creation, and other campaign related errata. Some or all of the Session Zero might be done via text chat over Discord/Slack/Hangouts, etc. depending on player preferences and availability.

The first session of the game is to be paid at the end of the session if you enjoyed the start of the game and intend to continue playing. Payment can be done through Paypal or Zelle.

Subsequent games must be paid up-front within 24-hours of the game's start. We run games on a Three-strikes policy: if you refuse to or fail to pay in advance of a session, your character will be NPC'd for a maximum of three sessions and then will be removed from the story.

If you need to miss a session for whatever reason and give forewarning, you will not incur strikes and can resume play again at your earliest convenience.

The scheduled time is not set in stone. If the assembled group has a preference for another nearby time, something can be worked out from my end as I have a fairly open work schedule. Bi-Weekly games are also an option!

Want to join this game? Make a post in the discussion forum below and let the GM know!

4 Players (4 Open Slots)

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