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This game will require payment to participate. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. For more information please see the Roll20 Code of Conduct.

The Book of Inner Alchemy

Join us for this one-shot adventure for 12th level characters. This adventure will include some roleplay, but will mainly focus on challenging tactical combat as the team of adventurers seeks to protect the inner sanctum of Candle keep and a book of ancient secrets from a corrupted master of the Open Hand technique and his gang.

Character Creation

Players can level up to 12th level any character they've played in a Candlekeep game and bring that character along with any items or boons that character has collected from previous Candlekeep games. Players may also make a new 12th level character with standard starting equipment and an extra 700gp worth of items from the players handbook. New characters can bring either two uncommon magic items of their choice, or one rare magic item.

Everything from Wizards of the Coast is allowed for character creation. You will have access to our compendium with every module to create your character.

D&D Beyond will not be allowed, you will have to use Charactermancer. You can either use an empty character sheet provided or import your character. We will be more than happy to provide assistance if needed

Please note that this is a paid game at a rate of $15 for this one shot paid before the game on our official Website:

A word from your DM

I’ve loved tabletop RPG’s since I discovered D&D 3.5 edition in high school. Since then, I’ve run or been a player in countless games. It’s important to me to gather as much input from my players as possible, because getting players invested in the shared worlds, stories, and characters helps bring everything together into a cohesive and memorable story. The resulting enjoyment and memories are the reason I fell in love with D&D.

I’ve been playing 5e since 2015, putting together a few long-running campaigns as well as dozens of one-shots. I always try to ensure that every character gets a chance to shine every time they play. Each session will include a mix of roleplay and combat, with the occasional opportunity to complete a puzzle or riddle. I can’t wait to immerse my players in the sights, sounds, smells and ambiance of the rich world of dungeons and dragons.

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15 Players (84 Open Slots)

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