The last war: Looking for Players

Playing D&D 5E
Next Game Will Be 1496188800
Total Players Needed 7
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play No

Currently looking for 5 players for our Tuesday group. Will be run on Tuesdays at 8pm est.
Group will be starting at a low level and working its way up. Please read everything and apply below if interested. I or another DM will PM a link to our Discord interview server for a voice interview if we like your application. Sorry for the long process but if we didn't do things like this it would be impossible to find the players that fit the campaign the best. Getting 200+ applications just stating your name and character idea makes it impossible to find the best fit. We also offer PC portrait drawing free of charge for members that join.

This Campaign has been played in for a year now, but new members are always welcome when we have room. I believe my ability to storytell can accommodate new players at any point and since its a very community based game its not hard at all to transition into like some games where it has been the same 4 people playing for a year until you came along.

The kingdom of Galifar ruled the continent of Khorvaire for almost 900 years. This peace was far from perfect. The western coast was a haven for all manner of beasts and monsters. Hostile goblins and kobolds lurked in the high mountains. Lhazaar lords sought profit on the seas. Occasionally a prince of Galifar would turn against tradition and fight the laws of succession. Such rebellions were rare, however, and the royal family always managed to put aside its differences in the face of these would-be usurpers.

That was the situation in the kingdom for 894 years.

Why, at that point, did three of Jarot's heirs turn against centuries of tradition? Perhaps it was merely a matter of time. Since the founding of the Kingdom, the five nations had grown apart, with national pride and identity growing more pronounced with each century. Maybe it was an unfortunate conflict of strong personalities. Thalin of Thrane saw a chance to spread his faith; Kaius of Karrnath believed his sister lacked the strength to hold the throne; Wroann of Breland had long been an agent of change. All three may have acted on their own accord … but perhaps they were the pawns of darker forces with a vested interest in the fall of Galifar. The Dreaming Dark has always used discord as a weapon. The Lords of Dust love chaos in all forms, and the Blood of Vol surely saw war as a way to increase its power in Karrnath. The full truth may never be known but the results are plain to see.

The conflict lasted far longer than the lives of the rulers that began it. Over the course of the years, the tides of war rose and fell. Alliances formed and collapsed. Nations were torn apart by civil strife and betrayal as Valenar, Darguun, and the Eldeen Reaches were born. Truces all were temporary, and never was there a time when all five nations were at peace.

This was a time of turmoil for Eberron. Historically it lasted for over a century, however this campaign will allow you the freedom to choose its eventual outcome. There will be times of peace, there will be times of war. You may choose to join and affect the battles, or you can choose to be an adventuring group with your own motives and goals during this time of strife.

This will be largely homebrewed with the Eberron Last War setting used as a backdrop, so if you are looking for it to be "historically accurate" then I apologize in advance. Certain NPC's from the lore will still exist and certain events may come to pass like in the original lore, but largely the campaign will be a story of its own.

Which army will you fight for? Will you command an army of your own? Will you unite the warring kingdoms through peace, or will you rule them with an iron fist? What other dangers potentially threaten the world? These are the questions you will be asking yourself while surviving The Last War.

VERY IMPORTANT INFO: This campaign takes place in world that I have already set. There are five (with potential for more) groups that play on different days, and depending on your choices you may interact directly or indirectly. Your choices will impact the world and depending on what they are, the other players.
WARNING: If you do not think you will enjoy a 6-7 man party and/or huge complex campaigns then this campaign is not for you. Please don't waste my time if you are going to quit within 2 weeks because you "didn't realize how big the world would be." With 6 groups, and potentially more in the near future, the world will obviously be massive.

I do allow Homebrew Material subject to my approval and potential changing of it. Please link any info/PDF's in your application if you have any of these in mind.

(DMG pg#) Variant Rules:
131 Training to Gain Levels
266 Horror (rare)
Along with Variant Rules related to Army vs Army conflict if the group chooses to take part in that storyline.

Want to join this game? Make a post in the discussion forum below and let the GM know!

1 Players (6 Open Slots)

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