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Adventures In Vocrestria

Playing D&D 5E
Next Game Will Be 1557244800
Total Players Needed 7
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play i No
Pick Up Game i No

Intro to the game and world:
First off i would like to explain that this game will be streamed as a podcast style experience on www.Twitch.Tv/Domaniacc if you are not comfortable with being in a public spotlight or you cannot commit to the entirety of the game please do not submit an application.
Furthermore the date and time of the game are simply a placeholder, we will discuss a time and date that works for every single person that joins the group and make that our weekly slot.

The year is 815 of Uxium in The world of Vocrestria, a world of magic, mystery and adventure, Run in it's entirety by a group of highly skilled and respected mages known as The Order of Uxium for the past 815 years, ever since the great calamity known as "The Godsfall", In Vocrestria no one day is the same wherever you are, whether it be on one of the 4 wild seas, The Thordanian, The Rashabelle, The Vrogolian or the Umber Ocean, or on one of the 4 grand continents, The grand Empire of Easten, the largest continent that takes up the majority of the eastern side of the planet, whose beliefs and religion currently run the empire more as a whole than the current Empress, but it is still ran by the recent priestess turned empress, Empress Illia Quinzell. The islands of Draconis, the home land and thought to be the first creation point of the dragonborn people, a continent made up of 5 different islands all run by different clans and environments, yet run in full by King Gracidious Gold and the Gold family. The gigantic Desert continent of Prai-Shal, a land of open desert and Wastelands, the birthplace of the arcane and magic as a whole, Ran by a man who made his way to the top via criminal activity, swindling and devious diplomacy, the Great and powerful Grand Sultan Arvio-Asad-Bahir-Fadil-Khalid-Makin A'zam The Golden Lion of the Sands, a man with an ego as big as his name is long. and where you will all begin, the medium in size continent of Yagrodal, the first lands, where humanoids and the like are to stem, run by the once thought to be a tyrannical king known as King Marcelous 4th, who has recently to the disbelief of the general populous, had a "Change of Heart".

A little bit about the DM:
Hi, My name is Dominic (Or Dom for short) and i will be your humble DM for this fantastic adventure, i have been DMing for around 6 years, 3 of which i have been semi-Professional (Meaning i've run games for Game shops in my local area and i ran games for a Charity Organisation that helped young people with mental issues for over a year) and am a very role play focused DM, i am an aspiring actor/Voice actor and comedian (So expect some higher than sub par voice acting when it comes to my NPCs, i like to commit to making interesting people for my players to meet). The world known as "Vocrestria" is one that i have been working on for the better part of 6 years, every campaign and one shot I've run has been within this world and have all been canon, and i love it very much, It's essentially my child, if children were made of maps, politics and social structures. I am hoping for this campaign to be a long running one (more than a year) as i would really like to actually complete a full campaign in this world that would bring the characters to level 20 at the end, so i would suggest to please not apply unless you are willing to commit to this game for the vast majority of it. As a DM i'm highly experienced and know the rules better than i know my own family, but i am not a rules lawyer in any sense, instead i rather the story be paramount and take precedence over the rules (If something cool could relatively happen, but a small unneeded rule says it can't, i would rather the cool thing happen). So, with that this campaign will very much be a story and character focused, role play heavy campaign, so i would only really suggest those who are willing to create and play interesting and role play focused characters apply, i would also like players that are open to the idea of connecting their character to someone else's character in the group in some way so that a few start with their own small friendships and ties with one another. That being said, i also would like a group of 5-6 players who are all okay with all of this and are all part of a well balanced party, which means i will only be 1 class, so no multiple of the same classes will be able to be in the party, so make sure your character stands out above all the rest, i also mostly only allow official WOTC stuff, so no unreleased unearthed arcana or homebrew right off the bat, but if there's something you really want from around that area of the rule set, bring it to me as i'm always open to discuss, but things from the PHB/Volos/Xanathars are all mostly okay, just check in with me during the application process/interviews if there are any specific things you wanted from those so i can research beforehand. Within the "New Applications here" page will be what is needed to be filled in for the application process. I will be in touch with each person i find would be interesting for the party i wish to create soon, and you will need a Discord as that will be how we do voice chat for the game and how i will be interviewing the people i get in touch with. Thank you all for applying and i truly hope you enjoy this campaign and my play style. Also, there will a couple "Session 0's" before the main game kicks off to see how certain players actually play and work with others, expect these to happen 1-2 weeks before the main game kicks in so that i may recast if needs be.

Want to join this game? Make a post in the discussion forum below and let the GM know!

1 Players (6 Open Slots)

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