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Puella Librum Daemonium

Playing Pathfinder
Next Game Will Be 1498428000
Total Players Needed 6
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Text Only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) Yes
Pay to Play i 1 liter of nut milk delivered every week
Pick Up Game i No

This is the world of Terania, a dying world. Once, the world was flourishing by the grace of the gods and the sweat of man. During this time, there was a great sage called Amurabi Et Al. For decades, he traveled from kingdom to kingdom like a walking library, bringing knowledge and innovations and prosperity. They say he solved mathematics, created a unified theory of physics, and more. Then he turned his studies to the gods, and found them wanting.

There was Iono, God of the Sun, who did nothing that Amurabi could not explain with causal physics.
Roma, Wolf Goddess of the Moon, who was the source of all dreams and is the idol of many barbarous cults.
The Shepherd, the guardian of souls and the guide of reincarnation who's attention is a sure sign of doom.
Zyke, the Father of Dragons who jealously courts Roma and demands worship
Undine, the Mother of Monsters and Goddess of the Sea who demands worship from all sailors lest she summon storms.
Titania, the Trickster of the Woods who has offered many a traveller a barbed gift.

Amurabi wanted to know the truth behind these things called gods. He studied magic intensively, the manipulations one can do by brushing against the Veil with the chaff of souls. And he found a way to break through, to exist on the other side of the veil, where the gods reside, and he came back with dark truths. Iono was dead. Roma imprisoned, the Shepherd enslaved. Zyke, Undine, and Titania were naught but demons feasting on the souls of their worshippers. For his crime of revealing their true forms, the False Gods cursed the world. Every night, when the sun sets and the lingering protection of Iono fades, death seeps from the Veil and rises up from the ground as a poisonous mist that drives men mad and makes monsters from beasts. The world was doomed to die.

But all was not lost. Amurabi returned with a glimpse of infinity from the other side of the Veil, and wrote all he knew into a codex. It was the true knowledge of the future, able to guide humanity back to salvation, and through following it, Amurabi became the First Emperor of Helia, the greatest empire to ever exist.

His successor failed. He thought himself smarter than the book, or perhaps he just wasn't strong enough for it. Reality began to diverge from the prediction, and humanity fell back to despair.

It is now the age of the Fifth Emperor. The Empire of Helia is dying as we speak. Emperor Conrad, the fourth son of Empress Hariott III, is the last surviving member of the royal family, the rest taken by assassinations or illness, and it has left him scarred, reclusive, and without the power to control the Five Fiefs he rules over. Near constant war with the Trolls and their "Fire King", has drained the Imperial Army. Unchecked skirmishes between the Fiefs have led to the rise of banditry, and the wastelanders of the south have been raiding farther and farther north, killing and enslaving the people of the empire.

The Fief Lords and their vassals have all acquired knowledge of Amurabi's failsafe, a way to recast the spell that pierced the veil, to recreate the Codex. Whoever casts it first will have the absolute, immutable power to rule the world and save it from the False Gods. They hold salvation for all of humanity in their hands, and they squander is as they fight over who can complete the ritual first, letting the people languish in the maws of monsters.

Amidst this darkness are those blessed by the gods, the Nightwalkers who take strength from the miasma of night. They are all but immortal, able to heal mortal wounds almost instantly, and at times gaining berserker strength. But many of hte monsters have this same strength. Thankfully, Roma has armed them from her lunar prison, gifting humanity with the power to craft Moonsilver weapons, the one material able to prevent the impossible healing of beasts and Nightwalkers alike.

But the Nightwalkers are few, and feared. People still seek their own protection, and a new force of malevolence has begun to appear. There are men acting as merchants, pallid and frail and foreign, who are taking upon themselves the role Amurabi himself once took. They travel the land, finding people in the grips of desperation, and offer them knowledge, the knowledge of magic. But the tomes they give are dangerous things, with minds of their own. The tomes use people like a parasite, feeding them poisoned knowledge and nurturing their strength before ultimately killing the host and consuming their soul and the soul of anything nearby, by turning the bodies to husks, and the host into a horrific monster.

Each of you has encountered this, and are in pursuit of these merchants of death. Terania is a dreary land, chained by fear and death. You are one of the few with the strength to do something about it. Fight the darkness, bring the light, cut down the minions of the False Gods. The world can still be saved, humanity just has to reach out and seize it from the maws of destruction.

Puella Librum Daemonium is meant as a low dark fantasy campaign about tracking down the high fantasy elements. Players are Nightwalkers, and will have a small template added to their sheet to reflect the madness and corruption of the Miasma. Please note, this game is intended for a very specific subset of a certain community, this game may not be for you! I absolutely wish you the best of luck in finding another game, but this game is what it is.

If you get overwhelmed by monsters because of bad decisions, they're going to have fun with you.

Lewd Monstergirl action will not occur during the designated time slot. The game time will only have fade to black. THAT stuff is for between the sessions.

Listed time is app closure, not run time. That's subject to scheduling.

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4 Players (2 Open Slots)

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