Tales from the Yawning Portal

Playing D&D 5E
Next Game Will Be 1493193600
Total Players Needed 11
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play No

Tales from the Yawning Portal - The Greyhawk Adventures.

I am interested in running episodic adventures on a regular basis with the possibility of the campaign developing into a shared-world experience. The game will take on a organised play format, with a host of involved players and a future team of GMs. At this initial stage, I am looking to recruit up to 10 players, running up to two individual sessions per week for two different groups. The sessions will focus on the adventures themselves, beginning play at the dungeon's entry, or some other suitable starting point.

Between sessions, I would like to facilitate downtime activity, events, and text-based role-playing. This is so that at session time we are well acquainted and ready for action, but also to allow for some character growth outside of the adventures themselves. For each real world week, one month of campaign time will pass.

The overarching concept is to explore the toil of the adventurer's life. The fragile relationships they keep; the enemies they gain; the sacrifices they make; and the risks they take in their hopes to amass both fame and wealth, or to fulfill some greater ambition.

I would also like to explore the modules of the early era of d&d, and many adventures (not just those included in the Tales of the Yawning Portal) will be converted for 5th edition play.


■ To start, sessions will occur once or twice per week (Monday and\or Wednesday) at the listed time . A session runs for 5 hours at most.

■ Discord will be used for voice chat during the session time. You should have a suitable microphone and as little background noise as possible - push to talk is preferred.

■ I have a high expectation in player engagement with this campaign. Players who become idle (in and outside of a session) may be removed.

■ The method in which you portray your character is your choice. I do have a preference for in-character portrayal, where players speak and act through their character's voice. However, given the potential focus on combat and exploration, play-style will not be enforced.

■ Rule clarifications will be brief and should never get in the way of session flow.

■ The adventures will take place in the Greyhawk setting, with its own currency and race options. Some races will not be options to play (Aasimar, Dragonborn, Drow, Genasi, Goliath, Tiefling, and the monstrous races in Volo's guide).

■ I am a transparent DM who makes dice rolls openly and so a character's fate may come down to a dice roll. Secret information and whispers will rarely be used, unless it will help create a particular mood within a scene. Players are also expected to be transparent and respectful to other players, even if their character's morals and goals are contrary to others.

■ Please come to a session with the correct attitude. Complaining, bad behavior, and cursing may result in your immediate exclusion from the campaign. I have very little tolerance for poor behavior, especially given the vast pool of players in the roll20 community.

■ Players should be mature enough to handle occasional adult themes, though the game will never touch on the darker areas of fiction with explicit detail.

■ Combat will be swift, deadly and cinematic. You will need to be familiar enough with the 5th edition rules to know what your character will do when asked. Combat will be descriptive and the reliance on a battle grid (even when one is in use) will be secondary to theater of the mind.

■ House rules and rule clarifications will be in place. Some are designed to represent the campaign setting of Greyhawk and this particular campaign concept. Other rules are some I have used throughout my time GMing 5th-Edition. Rule clarifications are to maintain consistency between different GMs.
- House-rules from other 3rd party sources will most likely not be allowed
- Unearthed Arcana is not permitted, unless approved.

■ Co-GMs will be recruited from involved players strictly. Please do not apply to be a GM.

Character Creation

■ All new characters begin at 1st level.
■ 100 basic character concepts have been pre-generated using percentile tables to determine race, place of birth and social standing (just like real life, you can't control these things). A randomly generated name has also been assigned to each character.
■ You roll 1d100 to determine your character from the pool, or 1d50 if you have a gender preference. You can then choose your alignment, background, and class. You can develop your character's personality however you wish.
■ Ability scores are rolled [[3d6]] down the line. You roll [[4d6dl1]] for ability scores for which your class is proficient in saving throws. An additional [[3d6]] is rolled, with which you can replace with one previous roll result of your choice.
■ Players can have 2 characters to begin with.

Basic Game Format

■ Between sessions, one player will muster other adventurers to join with her\him, conferring with a GM to determine a suitable day and the adventure they wish to pursue. The GM and this player will create a fictional hook for their character to undertake the adventure. Other players then enlist, and the first 4 players who join with the leader will form a 5-character party. Additional players can be held in reserve. A party must consist of at least 3 characters to adventure.

■ The modules and adventures used can range from existing adventures, to home-brew adventures created from character specific goals. Each adventure will have a level range, to which characters of those levels can enlist to join. Some adventures may last for more than 1 session.

The Adventures (more to come)
■ Against the cults of the Reptile God (levels 1-3) - one to three sessions
■ Rahasia (levels 1-3) - two sessions
■ The Sunless Citadel (levels 1-3) - two to three sessions


Those considering applying please know that I won't read character concepts. I would like to know more about the kind of player you are -- A good player should be comfortable in playing a range of character types. If the points above resonate with you, and you feel the concept is one you could get involved in, then you may be a good fit. Send me a private message explaining your understanding of the expectations and give your own thoughts. Interesting responses will move to a conversation on skype or discord before acceptance.

Have fun!

Want to join this game? Make a post in the discussion forum below and let the GM know!

1 Players (10 Open Slots)

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