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Ensoulment of the Flower Court

Playing Pathfinder
Next Game Will Be 1498863600
Total Players Needed 7
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Text Only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome No
Mature Content(18+) Yes
Pay to Play i No
Pick Up Game i No

Quick Rundown (will give more detail later)
The year is 1013 Under Bazrian Crown, and three years since that crown lost all power. The Empire stood for a millennium, enforcing order and defining culture for two entire continents. Now that it has fallen, the world no longer makes sense. A thousand propositions have been made across a thousand provinces to start a new calendar, each with its own name and its own starting date. Across nearly the entire civilized world, every kind of ruler vies for power with all of their neighbors, while those who should keep the peace engage in their own wars. Nearly everywhere: Ancient bastions of culture burn; priceless artifacts vanish; roads become more dangerous than wilds; venerable lineages vanish; and law becomes synonymous with force.

But at the borders of the old empire, there were kingdoms (formerly duchies and counties) whose economy and infrastructure was not so dependent on the crown. Lote is one such kingdom, a tiny former county nestled deep within the mountains of the far east. Lote has always been famed for the incomparable natural beauty which surrounds it, and for how this beauty has been capitalized on by centuries of architects with income owed to centuries of nobles and royalty from the Bazrian heartland in search of a secluded get-away. It is this seclusion which has spared Lote much of the chaos of Baz's fall. In fact, most of the far east region has fared well relative to the rest of the dead Bazrian Empire, and across the Azure Mountains the greatest loss felt, second only to peace, is the loss of direction.

All the churches stand for now-desecrated Bazrian gods. The surviving nobility are all of Bazrian appointment, and most of the greatest are dead. Every custom and tradition less than a thousand years old was built around loyalty to the Bazrian Crown, and without it, meaning has been lost.

Lote lost its count in the final war, and his surviving son has been crowned Lote's king. He spends every day struggling to hold Lote together, to ensure that it can remain strong enough to keep its independence from the barbarians all fear will inevitably make their way east. Constantly King Veselin Arlote bargains with all the other now-independent kingdoms of the Azure Mountains, pleading for consolidation, yet the common people everywhere stand against the implementation of any new government larger than their own province, unwilling to compromise to any law but the ones they are most intimate with or the law of Baz, the death of which many refuse to acknowledge. His is a stressful and desperate job, but not where this story will focus. At least, not in its beginning.

Rather, this is the story of the fight to restore society's soul. The kings younger sister, Princess Raina Arlote believes the way forward lies not in politics, legalism, warfare, or economics, but in culture. With the fall of Baz as the paragon of culture across the world, the people are hungry for a new paradigm, for new heroes, new stories, and new ways of thinking, or at the very least they will never let go of the old until something new and appealing is presented. Opinions are deeply split in the Flower Court, throne of Lote, on whether the young Princess is insane or inspired, but for now she retains the trust and support of her elder brother. Through him she requisitions great sums of Lote's precious resources to devote towards projects of art with which she aims to make Lote the new cultural capital of the region, perhaps even the world.

And that is where you come in. The Princess has sent forth a call for heroes of any kind to send in applications to be anointed champions of Lote. To be capable of accomplishing heroic deeds successfully and without undramatic death is requisite, but more important is that they have some meaning with which they strongly desire to ensoul the soulless land.

Also give details on what your statues are going to look like, we wont be starting work on them until after your first successful quest, of course, but it's never to early to start designs.


Set in a small, secluded province during the fantasy fall of Rome.
While the new king thinks he is playing CK2 and tries for political victory with his neighbors, his young sister thinks this is Civ and and gunning for a culture victory.
She wants to set up some heroes to become cultural icons, a perfect opportunity for both idealistic and pragmatic adventurers to either advance their ideology or merely reap the rewards of fame while playing the part requested.

This is a game where you, over the course of your adventures, get to define what it means to be a hero for a new cultural paradigm. You will be followed by poets who will retell you stories with the intention of capturing the hearts of the masses, and if you give them good material, over the course of the campaign they will succeed. How do you desire to shape a society through your influence?

The listed game time is, as normal, only the app closing time. However, it is very subject to change as I work out how to handle the App process and project time needed to prepare for the campaign.

More information in the Discussion topics, as normal.

Want to join this game? Make a post in the discussion forum below and let the GM know!

6 Players (1 Open Slots)

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