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Journey to the West

Playing Unknown
Next Game Will Be 1503615600
Total Players Needed 7
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Unknown
Audio / Visual Text Only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) Yes
Pay to Play i No
Pick Up Game i No

In the heart of Tianjin, fire erupts from the holy shrine atop Mt. Guānghuī.

The dreaded necromancer Zǔ Yáng Líng, known as the Regiment of a Thousand Bones, struck down the priestess Jìn Zhēn Dié and seized the pommel stone of Xiān Chūmén, the first and most powerful of the 108 Heavenly Sealing Swords. With his prize in hand he fled westward to lands far past the Wall of Heaven, leaving the blazing ruins of Guānghuīsì infested with undead abominations as the 14th Bride of Heaven bled out on the cobblestones to seek the Hilt, the Guard, the Blade, and the Sheathe of Xiān Chūmén, that he might reassemble the heavenly sword and wield its awesome might as an extension of his own. Or worse, destroy it, straining the lock upon the gate to the Abyss that lies beneath Tianjing and obliterating the shackles which bind Isph-Aun-Vuln in the darkest shadowy depths of the Qlippoth's realm.

His intentions matter not.

You have been charged - by duty, by fate, by contract and coin, or even by simple curiosity - to embark upon a journey to the west in hopes of stopping Zǔ Yáng Líng from assembling Xiān Chūmén. If you do not, whether he simply takes the blade for himself to enhance his own power, or chooses to unleash the horrific hordes of the Abyss upon the world, it matters not. The end result would make all the atrocities of Tar Baphon appear as a child slinging mud in the yard. Where the other fragments lie cannot be said, but the old legends tell they were scattered across the globe - one to Arcadia, one to Avistan, one to Garund, one to Casmaron, and one to Tian Xia. Truth or falsehood, it's the only lead you have, and with the bloody path the Regiment of a Thousand Bones seeks now to carve across Casmaron, it seems that Kelesh and Vudra may be your best bet to find them...

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4 Players (3 Open Slots)

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