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Playing Pathfinder
Next Game Will Be 1501200000
Total Players Needed 5
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) Yes
Pay to Play i No
Pick Up Game i No


Information Confidential
Level 4 Clearance Required
Clearance Accepted, Welcome Applicant

You are entering the top secret research division of Advent. This facility dubbed 'Sanctuary' will henceforth act as your residence and base of operations. The duties assigned to you by facility director White are as follows. Prevent incursion and subterfuge by enemy forces, recover applicable research modules and materials, and above all protect and ensure the contentment of the asset.

The duties you perform here will shape the world around us. Every decision you make will carry consequences. So please applicant, keep safe, keep smart.

Please forward any questions to director White.

We are sure you will be very happy here.

End Transmission


Welcome to Sanctuary,

A cooperative story telling experience set in a open world fantasy/sci-fi freeform role-playing environment. It is a massive endeavor that we expect to last several years, throughout which our characters (and players) will grow and develop as they are faced with countless decisions that will make them rethink their preconceptions of fantasy and civilization.

The project is currently in the world building phase. We recruit during this time so that new players may get a sense of ownership over the world and watch it grow naturally rather than being overwhelmed with countless hundreds of pages of lore all at once.

This experience offers players both new and old an opportunity to be part of a world they themselves build rather than simply playing a game. While this developmental phase will last for some time, recruitment will be open for a proportionally smaller window. As such we seek open minded individuals, both young and old who are willing to put forth the time and effort to help make this shared experience unforgettable.

  • Head DM Stitch

Campaign Thesis:

You are part of a team associated with running the Sanctuary facility, a top secret center of research and development containing a specimen known to most as 'The Asset' that serves as the sole power conduit for the world.

As members of this organization you will have access to supernatural abilities and advanced technologies to benefit your cause. However with great power comes great responsibility, you will need to prevent spies from infiltrating the facility, hire on staff to manage the facility in your absence, track down technological finds from the old world, and recover The Asset should it be misplaced.

The Sovereign has entrusted you with this task and it is imperative you do not fail her or the world will return to darkness.

Campaign Features:

  • Adult Content / Erotic Roleplay
    Our campaign may typically have a childish spirit, however we do feature adult content / erotic role-play. This means that sessions may or may not include themes of sexual content, extreme violence, extreme gore, slavery, drug use, etcetera. Players who are not comfortable with being involved with such topics need not apply.

  • Cooperative Dungeon Mastering
    Our campaign favors a cooperative storytelling system (Cooperative Dungeon mastering) which involves everyone creating and running content for both the world and each other. The system revolves around content being screened by the head content developer (head DM "Stitch")

  • Custom Leveling System
    Our campaign features a very different take on leveling. Characters do not gain experience points, instead the party levels as a group as the characters learn and develop. This is gauged by the head dungeon master based completely upon progression and growth.

  • Custom Lore
    Our campaign will use custom lore and features with no preconceptions from Pathfinder. Do not expect our world to follow the rules of a typical Pathfinder setting. All lore will be available to accepted applicants via the journal.

  • Daily Play
    Our campaign will be played on a near daily basis. While it is not important for players to participate in 'every session', we highly recommend being able to play at least five days a week to ensure that you don't fall behind. Primary sessions will generally be played from 7:00PM - 11:00PM CNTRL U.S. Time with intermittent sessions at other times. Other content can be played between specific players at any time and is quite encouraged.

  • Free Form
    Our campaign features a free roam environment allowing players to choose their own destiny within the world. There are a multitude of factions, NPC's, and quests being designed to provide near endless opportunities for fun and adventure.

  • Interaction based Roleplay (Very Little Combat)
    Our campaign favors character interaction and role play over shear combat mechanics. This means that comparably to most campaigns there will be very little in the way of combat. The general rule of thumb is if you are looking for a fight, you'll find one.

  • Low Magic Setting
    The world has magical entities and powers within it that which the general citizen either doesn't understand or has never experienced. Thus magic is extraordinarily rare and people will react accordingly to seeing magic. In line with this there are no 'magic shops' and 'magical artifacts' cannot typically be sold for their true value.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Communication

    • Must Speak English
    • Must Have Skype
    • Must Have A Mic
  • Free Time
    Our campaign will take up allot of time, players wishing to participate would be required to have a surplus of free time to achieve the optimal experience. We recommend players in our campaigns not participate in other campaigns but do not require such.

  • Enthusiasm
    We desire a certain level of enthusiasm in our players. Players who sound disinterested will be overlooked in favor of more promising candidates.

  • Willingness To Create And Run Content
    Players wishing to join the campaign should be willing to put their best foot forward and help create content for the world. Players do not need to have dungeon mastering experience, not does the content have to be 'outstanding'. All that we ask is that players are willing and able to make an attempt and improve with time. That being said a cornerstone to this design logic is being able to design characters geared specifically towards certain players. The idea is if you scratch a monkey's back, they'll scratch yours.

Our Interview Process:

  • Applicants should read the entirety of our campaign listing.

  • Applicants should apply through Roll20 with their Skype information and a short introduction to proceed. Applicants may also send their applications through the head of recruitment and Co-DM Dalton.

  • Applicants will be interviewed via Skype where they may be asked to create and run mock NPC's over the course of several mock play sessions to examine how they roleplay.

  • Applicants will be accepted or declined.

Build System:

  • 20 Point Core Build

  • Bonus 2 Class Skills (Not Skill Ranks)

  • Normal Trait System (2 Free Traits, 2 More With Drawbacks)

  • Core Races / Featured Races / Uncommon Races / Custom Races Allowed (DM Approval)

  • All Paizo Classes Allowed (DM Approval)

  • No Third Party Content


  • Question 1. What does daily play mean?

It means we play every day, we expect our players to be able to attend a minimum of 4 sessions a week.

  • Question 2. How will cooperative dungeon mastering work?

Everyone is a DM and thus everyone acts as a creator and runner of content. This content should include a variety of characters built to more generally fit into roles within the world along with characters designed to specifically appeal to certain players. The idea is that your fellow DM's will create and run 'anything you desire' and you should do so in turn.

  • Question 3. What is all involved in 'Adult Content'?

Whatever the player(s) desire. The campaign should act as a peaceful judgment free zone where you can explore your inner most desires without scrutiny. We have had players roleplay out cereal killers, slavers, rapists, cannibals, harems, etc. While this is not a primary focus of the campaign, players should be comfortable with the concept.

  • Question 4. How much freedom will we have?

Players can do literally anything they want as long as it does not violate the following general guidelines.

One should not infract upon the fun of others. (Ex. No non-consensual PVP)

One should not separate from the party for extended periods of time. While you can do anything you want, this is still a group experience and separating from the group can only hamper party interactions.

One should not infract upon the rights/rules of DM's. The Dungeon Master's are here to ensure you have the best time possibly. We have your best interest at heart and arguing with us to get your way can only hamper your experience.

  • Question 5. How much content do I need to make?

A sizable majority of content will be created by the head DM Stitch. We recommend that other dungeon masters have a solid pool of NPC's (10+) built towards each of their fellow players along with a healthy pool of generalized world NPC's (25+) to work off of for impromptu scenarios. Keep in mind this system is designed so that every player (including you) has a sizable amount of content dedicated specifically towards them. As a result of this system you can expect a minimum of 50 NPC's built to fit your exact specifications, now that's a bargain!

  • Question 6. How complex do NPC's need to be?

Most NPC's are relatively simple. We don't build out any statistics for them and all that is really required is an image and a sizable bit of lore to go with them. Most world NPC's follow a three paragraph approach explaining who they are, why we care, and some more personal information to flush them out. NPC's geared towards specific players tend to depend upon the player in question. 1 on 1 conversations can do great to simplify the process.

Want to join this game? Make a post in the discussion forum below and let the GM know!

1 Players (4 Open Slots)

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