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The Gods Have Gone

Playing Pathfinder
Next Game Will Be 1511769600
Total Players Needed 5
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play £8/$10 per hour to be paid before the weekly game.
  • Day, Time and player count are negotiable

After a drastic earthquake shook the world all communication with the gods was cut off, churches lost all their faith and the magical fonts ran dry. Havoc has yet to reach its peak, some cities and bigger countries are still able to maintain civility but without divine intervention and guidance, the world is sure to crumble into chaos.

There is talk and tales of warriors of old who travelled the land, destroying evil in their way and securing catalysts to draw power from the gods as well as create a link between the planes. Each of them carried a necklace, a pendant of commune, that granted them power beyond belief, which they either passed down to descendants, hid in far off lands, or placed in the temples they purified on their journeys.

You are, through several generations, a descendant of one of the last warriors, if you know it or not. You have a choice, find the pendants of power and restore the links to the gods, or rule the world with your god-like powers.

This is a No-Magic campaign, focused on roleplay and party coordination. You will have free reign of the map to travel in a Sandbox manner.

Pathfinder (No Third-Party)

Play Information:
This will be voice only, with text as a backup if people are unable to speak for whatever reason. We will be using TeamSpeak for voice chat and Skype or Discord for the out-of-game chat, I will be on hand at almost all times to address questions and queries.

Party and Pay:
This will be a paid game at a rate of £8/$10 an hour, to be split how the group sees fit and to be paid before the session. The group size can be between 1-4, bigger groups will need to discuss with me beforehand. It is not £8 per player, it is per hour played. If 4 players played 1 hour it would be £2 each. There is a minimum of 4 hours per session.
For more information on me as a GM and my service go here:

Time availability: GMT +1 (London)
Monday: 0800 - 2200
Tuesday: 0800 - 2200
Wednesday: 0800 – 2200
Thursday: 0800 - 1600
Friday: 0800 – 2200
Saturday: 0800 - 1200 | 1800 - 2200
Sunday: 0800 – 2200

“This game will require payment for my time as a Game Master at a rate of £8 an hour. Be advised that payment will occur off site via PayPal and cannot be enforced by the Roll20 staff.”

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1 Players (4 Open Slots)

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