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Ernoses Inquisition

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Total Players Needed 5
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play $9 per game via Pay-Pal

Ernoses Inquisition is a tale of ancient god's seeking acknowledgment in a rapidly advancing world. You will play as some of the last followers of these entities (whether by choice or force is up to you). These entities grant you powers beyond your already impressive repertoire of skills and abilities. But with great power comes great responsibility as you and your close-knit group of fellow profits travel the world of Ernos and it's alternate planes spreading the word of your respective god's you will encounter monsters bandits and pressgangs. You shall face staunch resistance from the established cultures wherever you travel. Together your party shall face the best and the worst of humanity and will likely end up working miracles for the prior and having to wipe the blood of the latter off your sword. You will Kill old evils, Cure terrible plagues, Incite rebellion, Serve under royalty, Slay supposed gods, and Most importantly further the good name of your respective deity.

General Information:
GM Experience: Three years weekly game for the family. Two years with a comic book store bi-nightly games. Two years running games for Team Bombshell.
Game Schedule: Negotiable between the group (I am available at all hours)
System: Rebellion RP (This is debatable I know multiple systems and can adapt my story to them I am also willing to learn a new one should the group wish it)
GM Style: I prefer serious gameplay with candid if not outright dark depictions of the party's world and situation with a smattering of humorous events thrown in here or there. I enjoy dark situations and irony and it shows in my work. As such expect to encounter a well-rounded platter of obstacles ranging from social encounters to hiding from the local priesthood to being forced to commit regicide to rekindling a long dead religion so you aren't killed in any number of painful unpleasant and unheroic ways.
Cost: 3$ USD per hour via PayPal (9$ a game)

Why I am charging for my services:
1. Because if you are paying for something you are less likely to forget it.
2. Because is requires a certain amount of maturity (you most likely have a job or otherwise worked for the money)
3. Because being a decent Storyteller is like being a decent painter or a musician or a comedian. We put hours of time and effort into our craft and likely much of our own money to provide audible and visual stimulation for our players. Some take classes in psychology in an effort to better understand how the human brain registers how we present our tales, or creative writing to better understand the art of Storytelling or even study archaic works such as Shakespeare to learn from a master. For these great pains, some of us expect nothing in return (and they are saints for it) like some artists and some of us request a decent return for our efforts (and we are similarly justified for it).
4. Since Team Bombshell decided to adjourn for the summer I'm left without a studio to further my pursuits in other areas to further my storytelling prowess (i.e. creating my own fantasy art and music) which means I'm left with no option but to acquire my own equipment for these purposes in addition to furthering the quality of this game.

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1 Players (4 Open Slots)

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