Death Note

Playing Board Games ( Settlers of Catan, Chess, etc ), Card Games ( Poker, Magic, etc )
Next Game Will Be 1501027200
Total Players Needed 21
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Non-Recurring (One-Time) Game
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play No

Theres a new Kira, gather the detectives and find out who is the real kira, but beware of any shinigamis as they might choose your name to write down.

​you will draw a card which will decide your role. Then I will call out each role (in secret) and I'll ask what you like to do, for example if your kira, Ill ask you all to vote on a person to kill. Once done I'll call upon the next role. All is done in secret so we don't know who is who.

​Card Info
​Ace=L (Detective; Goal is to find out who is Kira, and protect the people)

2-6 (people; voters and get to choose who is Kira)

7=M (Can once per game change the target of a deathnote kill to anyone other than himself.)

8=Journalist (Can prevent someone from voting, cannot vote themselves.)

9-Touta Matsuda (If you die, you pick someone to die as well)

10-Light and Misa Misa (If one dies, so do you)

Jack-Ryuk (If you know who kira is, you may state and then you can switch and
decide who gets to have the deathnote; but if your pick is wrong and its not kira, you die.)

Queen=Rem (Save someones life per turn)

King=Kira (Able to kill to people; Goal is to kill L)

Joker=Shinigami (Single team; Goal is to kill both Kira and L)

First time trying this style which is the same as MAFIA/WEREWOLF. I hope I don't make a mistake lol so bare with me. Short and 1 session only. Really fun to play!

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4 Players (17 Open Slots)

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