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Wrath of the Dragon Queen

Playing D&D 5E
Next Game Will Be 1544310000
Total Players Needed 6
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Every Other Week
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) Yes
Pay to Play i No
Pick Up Game i No

Tiamat, the Dragon Queen. Her enemies believed her defeat by th Platinum Dragon and consignment to the Nine Hells would mean they would be free of her for ages, naturally they were wrong. Through a means known only to a precious, few, powerful individuals she escaped from the first layer of hell to the realm of Endless Night, Tytherion. There she conceived new designs for vengeance, mustered an army of dracokin (Half-dragons) and trained the Pentarch princes, her five dracokin children who lead her Talon Legions. Now her diabolical children carry out her plans in the land of Faerun all across the Sword Coast. The Moon Sea region, Ice Wind Dale, Luskan, and the Many Arrows Mountain Range have all fallen to her minions. What's far worse the Lords of Mirabar, Neverwinter, and Everlund have all willingly betrayed their people and the Lord's Alliance to declare their allegiance to the Dragon Queen. Whether by the blade or by emissary her influence grows more and more everyday. The carnage she wreaks upon the Realms doesn't end in the mortal world. Long known as Nemesis of the Gods she has laid the seeds of a God's War that has already pitted The mighty Orc God Gruumsh against the Tyrant Lord Bane, seen the Destruction of Talos the Storm Lord and the Usurpation of his portfolio by Auril, the new Queen of Storms, and the Return of Bhaal the God of Murder. No one is safe in heaven or hell as long as Tiamat is lose to ply her infernal plans throughout the multiverse.

This is a sandbox style campaign driven by a narrative story based around the events in Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of the Tiamat. Players will be confronted by the growing war and have to choose how best they believe to try and thwart Tiamat's designs. Note however this game has been going for two years, and is not a linear walk through like those two adventures, it merely features personalities and events as well as parts of the adventures contained in those two books, so expect the unexpected as play is by no means confined to the circumstances listed in those books.

We are a group of 4 players and myself (GM) who npc's is an eleven paladin. We have a human cleric of Helm , dwarven favored soul sorcerer, and a half elf scout and a dragon born warrior. As we currently have one arcane spellcaster we don't need a wizard though bards and warlocks are welcome as are druids. We like a more balanced game which leaves chances for role-playing and character development as well as plenty of battle. We are currently playing this game two times a month on Saturday starting at 6 m to 12 pm EST. If you can't afford to spend the six hours this isn't the game for you. We are currently looking for one player to join us.

The PC's are all level 11 so if you decide to join us your character will be to. I will allow classes and archetypes from Xanathar's guide. I will also allow any new classes from EN world's a touch of class and any alternative archetypes from En5ider for those who are familiar with them. Any new classes and archetypes from Tribaility (no gunfighter though) are acceptable pending approval. I will also accept other classes and archetypes from DRivethru RPG or DM's guild with this proviso, all are subject to GM approval, and if a class proves to be unbalanced it will be subject to adjustment down the road which is why I prefer play tested and reviewed material only. We have an alternative method of character generation which is point based, but not the one from the player's handbook. We are using the 5th ed. shaped sheet with the full OGL compendium access. We also use expanded house rules for Inspiration, there are enhanced skill listings available and special rules for Fame, Power and Sanity taken from the Thule campaign setting. Note that Epic play is a possibility in this game allowing for the characters to reach level 30. To achieve prestige classes on that level you must be one of the core character classes and your character must have the support of a God or Goddess. Please submit your character idea along with character's history and we will create the character together. No home made classes or archetypes, only the published sites and materials I mentioned above. If all this sounds appealing to you I hope to hear from, but please remember we are dedicated players and though we will of course make allowances for real life, as family and job always come before the game, we are also looking for equally dedicated players who want to game just as much as we do and show up for most of the sessions. Please PM with your character ideas and take note that we will have to chat to create the characters.

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6 Players (0 Open Slots)

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