Quests and Adventures

Playing D&D 5E
Next Game Will Be 1507327200
Total Players Needed 5
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play No

This is a campaign that will primarily be focused on the role play aspects of DnD and loosely around combat. Every player in encouraged to flesh out their character to the limits of their imagination and bring them to life through role playing. No maps or models will be provided, again we'll be utilizing your imagination along with colorful descriptions to bring this world to life. A few visual aids will be set up for setting and a bit of background music may be used to set mood. Anyone who has a strong love for roleplaying is more than welcome to let their fantasy life come true in this world.

The introduction to the campaign will take place in a barren wasteland with few resources and much fewer friends. No one is here because they chose to be, rather it was their choices that led to them to this exile. Home to convicts, malefactors, and even simple miscreants; this land is a prisoners exile. Few have been forced here because of false accusations from their enemies within the bountiful mainland. Regardless your sin or the evils cast upon your innocence you must now survive the trials ahead to reclaim what is most precious to you in this life.The players will have their wits challenged as they try to survive in this harsh world with only their minds and the backs of their comrades to carry them through. The setting will be more thoroughly explained and fleshed out on the first session.

Discord will be my primary source of actively receiving applicants and setting up games to whoever is available and just wants to play. I have no idea how efficient this will actually be in getting people together since many applicants are scrambling for a single DM on roll20, but I'll do my best and just try to get roughly 4-5 people into a solo session. There will be a place for applications, a place for announcements as I try to keep players informed of when I'll be doing sessions, a Q&A section, and a general voice chat for the fun of it. Here is the link to the chat room.

To apply simple put your intended character's name, class, race, and most importantly a brief written out story of an event that occurred in their life that set them on the path to be an adventurer. Best of luck everyone, hope we can make this work.

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7 Players (-2 Open Slots)

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