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A Path Unfound: The Necromancer Wars

Playing Pathfinder
Next Game Will Be 1521576000
Total Players Needed 7
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play 8$ a session via Paypal

Hi, i'm Anthony Ledel, 27 years old, and I have been GMing for about 11 years, mostly pathfinder, but starting with 3.0 back in high school. All my maps are hand drawn. all my dungeons are deadly. I'm looking to have about 5 players with as many as 8 if everyone in the party agrees to each additional person.

I got my first job GMing professionally in July 2017. GMing for a Pro League of Legends team. since then I have started 2 more traditional long term campaigns.

THE NECROMANCER WAR is the setting for this campaign

Out of the Central Mountain Range, Marched 5 men who destroyed everything they saw. a rolling tide of endless undead. Growing with every city, every farm, with every man, woman, and child they meet. within week the sprawling trade Metropolis of Four Kings was overrun. from there the armies split in 4 directions north to the Elven woods, south to the Dwarven mines, west to the Gnomish isles, and east to lock the human horse lords behind their shining walls. Where will you make your stand?

The Northern Bound Army Marched up the road alongside the Central Mountain range, and even though the Undead Raced Ahead of the Human Army from Andor that Followed them to keep them from crossing at any of the few passes through the mountains They did not manage to cross, None are too sure how, but rumors are that a party of adventures met a Strange Tattooed man in the Mountains Causing a Rock slide Near the Elven Forest. The Gold Great Wyrm Xul Brightscale Presented A Gift to one Cyrus Tyrdul in the form of the Ring of the Shadow Princess, and together with the Elven Army, The Fey army, and an Army led by the Half Brother of the Queen of Andor Those men who owe Allegiance to him through his father's house, They kept the Necromancer and his General Sanguine Soul from stepping foot inside the Forest once they were pushed back from the Walls of the Fey Court.

The Western Bound Army all but overwhelmed the meager defenses of the River faring gnomes. Within months all that was left were a few cities on the coast, protected by Strong walls and Stronger magics, and the Capital Protected By the Blessings of Gozreh herself. Along with all the Islands in the Western Sea. The main force of the army quickly entrenched itself along the shore across from the Island City of Star Harbor, Recently a Massive counter Attack Greatly Weakened the Western Army.

The Eastern Bound Army has Mostly Sat Camped Just outside of the Verdant Keep the Gateway to the Largest most accessible pass through the Central Mountain range. Little actions have been taken on that front, only maneuvers, and siphoning of troops on both sides Andorans heading North to reinforce the Elven troops, and the Undead Headed South. Many thing the General heading the necromancer Army is afraid to face the Captain General of the Queen's Guard Gareth Bryne, a legendary General, that Carved the Nation of Andor out of the warring nobles in the aftermath of the fall of the Shadow princesses empire 800 years ago.

The Southern Bound Army has fared the worst of all the 4 necromancer armies. The Dwarves Led a fighting retreat accepting all civilians into their mountain home, These Men Women, gnomes, haflings, and elves were the first to see into their home city, deeper than the outer trading section of the city, once the dwarves and civilians were withdrawn into the central city, the dwarves dropped half a mountain onto the enemy army destroying about half of it, and then continued to lead a vicious counter attack through numerous secret tunnels. Though with the collapse of a mountain the army has been able to march north towards Andor

Check out my website for more campaign setting details

all core, base, alternate, Hybrid, and Occult classes
Core races only, other races by request
NO 3rd Party stuff
For stats 25 point buy
for traits pick 2 if you take a drawback you can pick 3
First HD is max after that you roll or take the Average if you roll less than it.

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6 Players (1 Open Slots)

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