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Glamora (Recruitment Page)

Playing D&D 3.5
Next Game Will Be 1518912000
Total Players Needed 7
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Video and Voice
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play $15 per 4 hour session via Paypal



3000 years ago the races first walked the continent of Mardonia. Legends tell of Halflings, Humans, and other races of destiny fleeing the chaos caused by the elder gods first awakening. As new gods emerged and the planes of existences started to settle down into a stable configuration, the races migrated to the coasts along the Eastern and Southern seas, where they would be safe to build cities and flourish as a unified civilization. 1200 years passed as their cities thrived and populations grew, but as the races were forced to live in closer and closer proximity with each other their differences became all the more apparent. Soon war broke out. Most of the knowledge of the losing races was burned in mass purges or taken with them when they were banished from Mardonia. The only remaining thread to these races is an old rhyme that started circulating soon after the war.

The elder ones thought to keep what wasn’t theirs
They shot, they hacked, and slippery snapped, and lost all their heirs
The Brutes were strong that was true, but they never made it through
Because Brute was all they were and strong was all they could
With loss they quit and ran away
With victory we won our stay

The war, however, caused another separation in the remaining races. Battered and unsure, the different races began to separate from one another. The Illumians left to live in the North-East, piously devoting themselves to divine study; Halflings, Dwarves, and Underfolk returned West to the mountains, with the Tieflings and Humans remaining along the coast. With the passage of time, history before the war was forgotten. Civilization started to once again flourish. And with a stable economy established, expeditions started sailing south in hopes of riches and glory; to the promised land of Glamora. This was the start of the Great Reemergence.


This will be a story driven campaign totally open to character influence, but ultimately revolving around one major event. Racial options are limited because of the context of the campaign at the moment. As time progresses and things change, more options may become available. Characters will be free to travel and do whatever they want, but the world will still go on around them. Their actions may impact and shape the changing world around them. Magic items are not as abundant universe. There won't be a Magic Item Walmart for you to shop in or steal from. I don't believe in instant death or resurrection as a DM. If you die, there's a very little chance you'll be coming back. As a counterbalance to that, any effects that cause instant death (or a save and then instant death) are banned. Coup de grace is not banned, but the fortitude save to not instantly die will be removed. I keep a fair balance of combat and roleplay during game time, leaning in the favor of roleplay. Your story is an important one, and while it may not be the focus of the game, I will incorporate it where I can (before and after death). So it is important to have a proper background story.


This game includes racism and slavery. Slavery is accepted and racism justifies it. Though your character can have an individual standing on these topics remember that the rest of the world may not agree. Lawful characters DON'T free slaves! Though lawful good characters may have disagreement with the practice they do not break the law to help them. If a lawful player wants to free slaves they have to do it through the law. This game tries to question players and create controversies.


I have finished three campaigns and am currently running my fourth. I've tried other systems like gamma world, but have for the most part exclusively stayed with dnd 3.5. In real life I am a classical pianist and most of my days consist of returning from classes and practicing till I sleep. Dnd is my avenue of escape and another source of creative venting. I love answering compelling questions and have a high respect for anyone in the seat of education. I view Dungeon Mastering as an important job to allow others to experience and ponder usually difficult to answer questions from the comfort of home. Let's all try to have fun!


This is a four hour game and at the two hour mark we take a bathroom break The schedule is going to change to whatever is most convenient for the players. We are using skype. If I feel that you are a good candidate I will send you my skype name to send an to invite and interview you. If the interview is successful I will give you a link to the game and you can start rolling your character. Please DO NOT make your own forums, if you do I will delete it. If you think there needs to be a forum for a particular topic just pm me on the questions thread and I will make one. Lastly, PLEASE READ ALL THE FORUMS!!!

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4 Players (3 Open Slots)

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