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Tomb Of Annihilation

Playing D&D 5E
Next Game Will Be 1521766800
Total Players Needed 7
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play $20 per session via Paypal. First session is free.

You'll join at level 7, with an extra 1,000g and two healing potions, one greater healing potion, and one uncommon magical item (approved by me.)

Hello friends. I am looking to set up the new Tombs Of Annihilation campaign. This is designed to be to take a party of six people (but can be played with four) from the lows of level 1 to the heights of level 11.

I have been DMing for a decade an a half, and been on Roll20 for two years, with over a one and a half thousand hours, 90% as a DM. I am not big on variant rules (variant human is 100% fine) but if the group wants to use them I'm happy to accommodate. If you come up with something clever to solve a solution, even if it's a bit outside the rules, I'll be happy to bend them a bit to let the cool/clever thing slide, though I won't just outright break them unless the rule makes very little/no sense in the situation.

DM Promises:
I will not cancel more than one game every three months for personal reasons. There are a few things I won't miss, like a friends wedding, or the annual charity auction for my favorite charity, but over all I do not cancel games of my own accord.
The exception to above is family holidays. Things like Thanksgiving and Easter will be non-game days on average, any day that is usually regarded as a family gathering day (if the entire party wants to make an exception that will be addressed at the time.) This does not include things like Presidents day et al. That will be up to individual parties.
If the party wants to skip a day because a large number of people can't make it that's fine as well.
My DMing space is a quiet room and I allow for no interruptions during my devoted DMing time short of my house being on fire.
I am always at the disposal of my players. Ok, not always, but I will be forever accessible to my past and present players for advice about characters or anything else for D&D, for one of my campaigns or others.

In addition to the first session being free I promise a money back guarantee on the latest session. If you wish to leave the campaign because you are no longer having fun you are welcome to ask for your last session to be refunded no questions asked.
Charging allows me to spend my time focused on D&D, checking up on errata, answering questions, and prepping for games, instead of working a normal 9-5 full time job and squeezing D&D in when I can. I can spend my time crafting the world around you, including dynamic lighting dungeons, and fully designed towns and encounters for the party.

Accepted Sources:
Anything officially published from Wizards of the coast (Volo's accepted with background reasoning.)
Unearthed Arcana. Minus the Mystic.
Homebrew with previous approval (the approval before play, not before application.)
No races that begin with a flight speed

Inexperienced players are welcome, I'm happy to help you learn the game. If you need help setting up your sheet I'm happy to help you sometime before the session to get it set up, just note on your application if you'll need help and I can get in touch to set up a time.

Discord will be used for voice. Using push to talk will be required.

Stats will be a 27 point buy.

For applications please make your own thread with this format (minor reordering of the information is fine, just have the information.) Your backstory can be as long or as short as you wish, and you can apply with as many or as few characters as you wish, or possibly none if you don't know, but a general idea of "maybe one of these three classes" would be the least I'd ask for.

Experience/Will you need help?:
Preferred style of play (combat/RP ratio, rule strictness, etc.):
Preferred level of detail. Do you want to walk into a room and be immersed in the details of the smells, sights, and sounds? Or would you prefer to be clinical with only cursory details about unimportant inns and focus more on getting through the story and to the important scenes? Or more in between?:
Oocness and Seriousness: Are you totally, 100% against being ooc except when needed (like asking for clarification or other things along those lines,) against most ooc sidetracks but the odd joke or sillyness is fine, or are you no holds barred plenty of ooc joking and sillyness?:
Cost, you good with the price, paying it and using paypal?:

Appearance or picture:

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