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A Path Unfound Wednesday

Playing Pathfinder
Next Game Will Be 1514426400
Total Players Needed 6
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Unknown
Audio / Visual Video and Voice
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play 8$ a session via Paypal

Hi, i'm Anthony Ledel, 27 years old, and I have been GMing for about 11 years, mostly pathfinder, but starting with 3.0 back in high school. All my maps are hand drawn. all my dungeons are deadly. I'm looking to have about 5 players with as many as 8 if everyone in the party agrees to each additional person.

I got my first job GMing professionally in July 2017. GMing for a Pro League of Legends team. since then I have started 2 more traditional long term campaigns.

Check out my website for more campaign setting details

The Campaign setting for this game will be The Return of Magic

Spell casting is altered in the campaign Casting spells is going to cost some amount of money

it has been over 100 years since magic started going wonky, but recently new materials have been discovered that correct the flows of magic. with this newfound resource Lords and Ladies all over the land have started a desperate search for any spell book they can find. is this new resource in time to save the last of the elven forests? will the first tree still yet die?

In the north sits what is left of the Sylvar the Ancient Magical Forest of the Elves. Elwood once a Grand city of millions lies in ruins sprawled about the dying First Tree the seat of the ancient elven throne. No longer surrounded by a magical Forest, no longer protected by the ancient council of the fey, Elwood only exists in name for what is left of the elves have abandoned it, or so they say. In the 100 years since Syrreth the Ancient Volcano Erupted Half of Sylvar has burned to the ground, and the other half has succumbed to some sort of twisted sickness. The fire elementals mostly keep to the inside of the mountains that now flow freely with lava the whole eastward curve erupting with regularity. And it is rumored that the leader of the fire elementals has

To the west sits Star Harbor, the island metropolis, a hodgepodge of all the sentient races, it is the lord of all the Islands of the Western Sea, and all the rivers of the Land. with a majority of its citizens of gnomish origin, Star harbor is the Invention capital of the World, and all the most recent technology has come from there. The water elementals that once flooded the rivers have mostly been dealt with to the extent that for the most part. 50 years ago the king of the gnomes and his 2 brothers dealt them a mighty blow by killing the Elemental water Dragon.

In the center of the continent lies the ruins of a once great city. Within the Naga Guardians have moved in to preserve the Knowledge contained in the Shadow Princesses Library, and have made it the only sanctuary in the city safe from the flocks of air and lightning elementals. The city also contains a few invisible stalkers which is why no caravans travel through the city any more.

To the east sits Caemlyn the Shining Star of the Eastern Plains. the home of the horse lords. Home to Those who discovered the Material far across the eastern sea, deep within a northern tundra, roved by Tribes of orcs, half orcs, and men. The Earthen Dragon that destroyed the city of Yhaibus has not been seen since. Also the Hero who killed the Air Elemental Dragon has taken up residence in Caemlyn and opened an Elemental Slayers Society.

To the South sits a city whose name is known only to its residents. in countless underground caverns this city fills an entire mountain many many miles deep. It is Rumored that they have had the Material Much longer than the rest of the land.

The Man who is thought to be responsable for the Eradication of Magic is still at large though few go looking for him, many know his face. A Mighty Fighter from the Necromancer wars of 150 years ago. Cyrus Tyrdule Also Known to go by Mist. The Church of Nethys has placed a bounty of 50,000 pieces of gold on information leading to his detainment, and it is whispered that the cult of asmodeus offers something much greater for him alive or dead.

all core, base, alternate, Hybrid, and Occult classes
Core races only, other races by request
NO 3rd Party stuff
For stats 25 point buy
for traits pick 2 if you take a drawback you can pick 3
First HD is max after that you roll or take the Average if you roll less than it.

Introduce yourself in a post below.

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2 Players (4 Open Slots)

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