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Out of the Abyss Wednesdays!

Playing D&D 5E
Next Game Will Be 1508979600
Total Players Needed 7
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play $10 per session via PayPal (first week free)

Hello, we will be running the Out of the Abyss.This campaign will take us from levels 1-15 and have more focus on exploring the Underdark and its denizens, all while trying to find a way back to the surface world. In addition to exploring this alien setting, there are rumors of demons being summoned and running amuck in the endless tunnels that make up the underworld of Faerûn. Will you escape and make it back to the surface world? Or will you stay and take out the demonic invaders?

About the adventure:

You find yourselves in the clutches of the drow, in a small prison outpost Velkynvelve. Some of you heard that you were to be transported to the drow city of Menzoberranzan soon, which is practically a death sentence, as no one escaped Menzoberranzan alive. Surrounded by unfamiliar faces, you and the other prisoners must band together and escape this drow prison, or be forever slaves to the drow. Hearing whispers about the returning patrol, you all come to the realization that you have few days to act before it is too late, the time to act is now.

About the game:
We will be using Discord for voice chat and roll20 for character sheets and battle maps. Each session should last between 3.5-4 hours, depending on what is happening in the story. For character creation we will be using the standard array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8.) for stats. For races and classes, we will be using the following books; Player's Handbook, Elemental Evil Supplement (excluding Aarakocra), Sword Coast Adventure's Guide, and Volo's Guide to Monsters (including the monstrous races with the exception of Yuan-Ti). Characters should be neutral or good aligned, no evil alignments allowed. We will be going over what optional rules we will be using in the first session, but for the most part we will be using the rules as written for interpretation. That being said, I also believe the DM has the final say in any rulings, and the players must respect that until the end of the session for it to be properly discussed. The one outside ruling I have is I will be using Matthew Mercer's Resurrection rules ( because I feel it will add to the challenge and provide more roleplay moments for the resurrection ritual.

About Me:
I have been DM'ing 5e for about 2 years now, and have completed a number of offline LMoP campaigns finished SKT twice now, finished Out of the Abyss once, and ran several dungeons out of Tales from the Yawning Portal, so I am confident with the stories and with the Sword Coast to allow some deviations. That being said, I will not be strict railroading, but rather let the players choose their path and plan accordingly while still progressing the story along.

Like listed above, payment of $10 per person will be made via PayPal. First session is free, to let the players see how I run the game and how it will be played. I feel if there is money involved, then players are less likely to flake/abandon games, and will allow me to focus more on each character's story. I also promise that each week I will prepare to ensure that each week is as enjoyable as the last. In addition, if someone is not enjoying the game and decides to leave, I will refund them the previous weeks payment before we depart.


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