Poké Ph.D - A Perilous Practicum

Playing Other Games, Pokemon ( Tabletop United, Adventure )
Next Game Will Be 1508028900
Total Players Needed 4
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Video and Voice
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play No

As 4th year undergrads of the Gareth Institute of Technology's College of Pokémon Studies, it is incumbent upon you to complete your senior practicum and earn your Professional Handling License. By some great serendipity, you have not only been assigned to a cohort with two of your closest childhood friends, but you've been sent to your hometown of Bridgeton to be counselled through your practicum by Professor Robinia, one of the leading experts in pokémon neuroscience! What a stroke of luck.

The senior practicum compels those seeking to handle pokemon on a professional level in a variety professions to become intimately knowledgeable of the behavior and capacity of a wide variety of pokemon, and the conditions of their environments, by embarking on a research mission intuitive to their counselor's needs. Along the way, they certify their skills and knowledge by engaging in trainer battles against the Pokemon National Association's acclaimed Gym Leaders, until they are ready to demonstrate their skill set to their colleges' board of reagents (the, "Elite Four," as students are prone to call them). All and all, it is a rather ho'hum endeavor, that, so long as they commit, our students triumph over time and time again!

But woe is fate that chooses now to intervene and mettle. A grand tapestry awaits beyond the horizon, and you are soon to behold its perilous weave. Be ready, trainers, for the world as you know it is about to get very surreal.

Howdy, I'm Broboxylic Acid, or Brobox, or even Box, as some contend to call me. I'll be your DM for this hackneyed sideshow. I'm a thoroughly experienced DM, with years of experience across a wide variety of systems. This will be my second dabble into PTU, after a long hiatus. I'm certain we will all be, more or less, learning or relearning this system as we proceed ever onward.

Those interested can access PTU Core here:


Downloading is not necessary but advised. You may otherwise / in addition to use this as a reference:


We will largely be keeping track of our pokemon using the Fancy PTU sheet on google sheets, using its export feature to bring sheets into roll20 as necessary. We will coordinate docs once you've been selected. Most game conversation and voice chat will happen through Discord, so please have this installed.

But for now you're probably interested in how you get involved, neh? Please fill out this form as a unique listing discussion with a title following this format:

[Character Name], [Primary Class] - [Character Quote]

And with this application attached:

Player Name: Who TF are you
Player Age: How TF old are you
Experience: To what extent are you a tabletop master?

Character Name: Who TF are you playing
Primary Class: Your primary class is limited to introductory classes, professionals, and battle styles, excluding taskmaster. Please reference page 65 of PTU Core, or http://pturpg.wikidot.com/classes.
Character Interest: Please rank environmental science, medicine, forensics, and psychology from 1 - 4.
Character Concept: Give me a small introduction to your character concept. It need not be long.

Applications that don't meet these criterion will be deleted, so please make a full effort! I will do my best to judge applicants by Friday and have my picks sussed out and ready for Saturday. Thank for your interest and consideration.

Want to join this game? Make a post in the discussion forum below and let the GM know!

2 Players (2 Open Slots)

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